9The 2016 Taiwan election cold, blue and green camps vulnerable|The 2016 Taiwan election cold, blue and green camps vulnerable

Cold 2016 election in Taiwan, the blue and green camps "injury can not afford to" Taiwan election 2016 cold, blue and green camp "injury can not afford to" the Yang Kunfu Taiwan 2016 elections into a last ditch stage, the parties camp seize opportunity fire open, to gather supporters voting enthusiasm of large campaign "you Changba my debut". Some everywhere, multi pronged approach, some diversionary, straightforward, some simply directly confront Jiaozhen, the smell of gunpowder is very strong. However, before the election campaign site "hot", seemingly the actual election is "cold". A lot of people on the island in the respondents directly that it will not go to the polls, and not in the island’s Taiwanese voters the Taiwan voting intentions is also very low. According to Taiwan’s election Affairs Department announced on January 12 this year, the authority of the data shows, the Taiwan leader election number is 18.78 million 2991 people, and the "overseas Chinese" and the number of Taiwanese election only 2420 people, the highest to the lowest since 1996. For the election why speculation is not hot, Taiwan media analysis reference is subject to the "Wynn" and "no suspense why investment factors. In the author’s opinion, if the island’s voters continued to hold this attitude until the end of the election vote for the blue and green camps will be a big injury". First, the election turnout was low or the cold blue camp affected. Generally speaking, in the election campaign, in the relative disadvantage, in order to effectively gather support, in the short-term nella carried the election, often take proactive strategies for voter approval. In relative advantage, often take "defensive", deliberately avoid controversial topics, become each other to enhance the visibility and raise the election tool. In the campaign, it is not difficult to find, including the KMT and PFP party, including the blue camp take fierce offensive, and admission of the election leading Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is in general to reduce the temperature of the campaign, to take the election strategy of the "course" and "offensive". From Cai Yingwen continued in the cross-strait policy to play a big blur card to before the debate will be determined to delay the television and so on, it can be seen. All various for election in relatively inferior to the Kuomintang is clearly negative, after all, blue green if not at the last minute formation battle situation, the Kuomintang tries to effectively gather basic disk, prominent opponents of policies and empty while trying to fight for the island’s economy voters to support the strategy is likely to work that will be broken. And, because of the election to sizzling, turnout is may dip again. Since the Kuomintang recently declared, allied original supporters namely the so-called "silent power" may be difficult to get maximum excitation. Second, the "lying" or "lost Jingzhou". Looking at the current situation, the Democratic Progressive Party on as if filled with a "victory in sight" the atmosphere of narcissism. The move, on the one hand, may cause its supporters to reduce the voting will. On the other hand, the willingness to vote in the doldrums or the DPP to fight for the impact of young voters. According to Taiwan media broke the news, a don’t in the previous Taiwan leader election, the in before the election at the last minute, Shimachi Takatetsu, the Taiwan Railway return ticket there are a large number of tickets left, together with the pre election coincided with the island’s many colleges and universities in the final exam period, young population return)