9Shandong foreign aid Beasley lost money to find the fans to panic the initiative to return – the Soh|Shandong foreign aid Beasley lost money to find the fans to panic the initiative to return – the Soh

Shandong team foreign aid Beasley lost money find fans panic the initiative back to – Sohu sports Jinan Qilu network January 18 hearing (reporter Kai Hua Xu intern reporter Rong Shuo) 2016CBA all star race after the fourth quarter contest north to 172-145 over Southern Star team, Shandong high speed team foreign aid Beasley scored 63 points, won the MVP. Kesai super foreign aid Beasley happy not to get up, because returns to the locker room, Beasley found lost its own package of more than ten thousand yuan in cash. Five news this morning, Beasley’s money to find a. Last night after receiving awards attended the conference, Beasley was in a good mood, humming a ditty returned to the locker room, at this time, Beasley picked up his bag ready to take a wife and children to leave, then their cash to throw. At this point, another staff member in the locker room also said that his wallet and credit cards are gone. Just when everyone was convinced that the locker room into the thief, the staff and from the corner to find the wallet. After repeated confirmation, Beasley was convinced that their stolen, site security immediately with the transfer of control, Beasley is also a sad face waiting for news. Until last night, more than twelve points, Beasley lost money has not been found, had to return to the hotel to rest. This morning about five o’clock, Beasley’s money was found and sure of the news — "a fan into the lounge, see Beasley bag dress wants for himself, he did not know where the money. After returning home found money in clothes, see Beasley overwhelming media reported stolen. After the panic, repeatedly thinking decided to put the laundry back players where the hotel, now clothes and money has been sent to the hotel, Beasley’s money recovered. " Have to say that there is indeed a misunderstanding, "crazy Starchaser" both toss Beasley, also toss site security, back to this year’s all star brought certain negative effects.