9On the first day of the February stock index opened 2700 points – 0.24% defense Sohu news|On the first day of the February stock index opened 2700 points – 0.24% defense Sohu news

2 on the first day of the month stock index opened lower 0.24% defense of 2700 points – Sohu News February 1, & nbsp; following in January fell over 20%, the first trading day of February, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets both opened. Financial, resources and other heavyweight callback, blocking the market rebound. Gem opened, hovering below 2000 points. According to industry sector shows that the Internet led plate, paper making, Home Furnishing activities decrease the top plate. Brokerage, iron and steel, coal, oil, nonferrous metals, insurance, banking and other heavy stocks opened floating green. Sand control plate leading decliners stocks, intelligent transportation, immunotherapy, steel, glyphosate, charging pile, networking and other stocks on the decline. Stocks, Smith Barney, Shagang shares, extension information dimension, Henghua technology, Qingdao Haier 7 non ST stocks limit, Nanjingxinbai, Longji machinery, Yushun electronics fell more than 7%. Open today, the SSE Composite index was reported 2730.98 points, fell 6.62 points, fell 0.24%, clinch a deal of 2.032 billion yuan; Shen Chengzhi newspaper 9389.62 points, down 28.58 points, 0.30% decline, turnover of 1.999 billion yuan; gem index reported 1989.21 points, down 4.85 points, fell 0.24%, clinch a deal 5.21 billion yuan. As of February 1st, a total of 2075 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen two listed companies to disclose annual results notice, of which 1280 companies pre Hi, accounting for 61.69%. In January 2016, China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) 49.4%, lower than the 0.3 percentage points last month for the six months below the ups and downs of the line. In December last year, China’s official manufacturing PMI was 49.7. Huatai Securities analysts said the rapid decline in the market stage has been basically the end of the market. Suggest that the layout of the value of the growth of two types of stocks, one is the value of blue chip, one is the high quality of the certainty of high-quality growth. (medium and new network securities channel)