9Kobe incarnation of the magic control single section 7 assists milestone battle over the Lakers Godf|Kobe incarnation of the magic control single section 7 assists milestone battle over the Lakers Godf

Kobe Bryant is the incarnation of evil control single section 7 assists milestone in the battle over the Lakers Godfather [star] Kobe highlights the first section cut 7 assists total rose to in team history the second Tencent sports January 18 hearing the NBA regular season, the Lakers to 95-112 defeat to rocket, encountered 3 successive defeats. Kobe played the first and third sections, 24 minutes of time, 5 voted 9 contribution to 5 points and assists, career total number of assists beyond the Lakers Godfather West Jerry, rose to second place in the history of the team assists. Kobe welcome mileage "sad" before the game, Kobe career sent a total of 6235 assists, ranking twenty-ninth in the history of assists, just behind West – Jerry 3 times. Do not know is not aware that she was about to reach a milestone assists, Bryant up it passes in a row, the team is also very disappointing, received Bryant passing shots. 6 minutes 09 seconds left in the first quarter, the Lakers back, Kobe’s send Ginobli, Williams breakthrough backhand layup, pan harvest the 4th assists. At this point, the total number of assists Kobe career reached 6239 times, completed the double transcendence of West. The first is the history of the assists table, Kobe rose to twenty-eighth in history, while in the team history assists standings, Kobe rose to second. It is worth mentioning that, West is not only the history of the Lakers superstar superstar, but he was the Kobe deal to the purple army. Previously, Kobe hit the road warriors, West also speak salute Peter Pan, the relationship between the two extraordinary. The entire game, Kobe sent 9 assists, career assists to the number of 6244 times. With Kobe this season, averaging 3.3 assists in the performance of the point of view, he had to wait until the end of his career, the total number of assists to break through 6300 is not a problem, so he can go beyond the assists list another former Lake Nickerson Noam. Of course, Kobe wants to be the team’s history assist king. That’s no hope. Lakers history assists first is recognized as the history of the first point guard magician Johnson, he gave a total of 10141 assists for the Lakers sent. In addition to the simple assists data, Kobe has several passes are quite beautiful. For example, the first section is a ball, the Lakers back, Kobe dribbling. In the defensive player before plugging the chase, Kobe Bryant to a no look pass, lightweight hammer Ginobli find Randall, who caught the ball is a dunks. In the team scoring before Kobe made a flying posture, cool. In the first quarter, Kobe sent 7 assists, a little bit to create career records. In Kobe’s series, the Lakers have played a rare and efficient offensive this season, a single section of 36 points, once occupied the initiative. But the strength of the two teams, after all, there is a considerable gap, when the Rockets force, the Lakers lost control of the game. See no hope of winning, Kobe continue to pass the third quarter, he had the opportunity to this season, the first time in the double attack. But in the third quarter, the two time Kobe sent pass, but his teammates suck, Hibbert Russell wasted investment opportunities, not in the basket. But for Kobe, the data just floating clouds, the most important thing is that he is in their own way to enjoy the fun of the game. (Sean) scan download Tencent sports APP enjoy NBA, Premier League, Champions League, Super League and other mass events live video