9Jiangxi and Taiwan cooperation success of Jiangxi introduced a total of $11 billion 100 million in N|Jiangxi and Taiwan cooperation success of Jiangxi introduced a total of $11 billion 100 million in N

Jiangxi and Taiwan cooperation a success in Jiangxi Province introduced a total of Taiwan reached 111 billion in net new China News Agency, Nanchang March 25 (reporter Liu Zhankun) China News Agency reporter 25 from Jiangxi Province to Taiwan Work Conference was informed that, as of the end of 2015, the province introduced a total of Taiwanese contract project 3262, actual introduce Taiwan 111.02 billion. Jiangxi is the closest to Taiwan inland provinces, Jiangxi and Taiwan origin of deep, popularity dates, cultural bearing, economic integration. In recent years, Jiangxi play "Jiangxi and Taiwan", "the world low carbon conference investment platform to carry out in-depth Jiangxi and Taiwan exchanges activities, both economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation in various fields continued to warm. In August 2015, the 13th session of Jiangxi and Taiwan economic, trade and cultural cooperation and exchange of the general assembly (referred to as "Gan Taiwan") in Jiangxi Province, Yichun held including Taiwan Industry Association, chamber of Commerce, industry and Commerce Association and farmers’ associations in Taiwan, QingChuang will famous institutes and 25 Taiwan Baida group, listed company responsible for the people, nearly a thousand guests participants signed Taiwan funded projects 72, contract amounting to $3.62 billion. Jiangxi affairs office director Ouyang Quanhua said at the meeting last year, Jiangxi and Taiwan economic and trade cooperation to new heights. 2015 new registered Taiwan funded enterprises in the province 108, an increase of nearly 10%, the actual investment of $898 million, to maintain sustained, healthy and rapid development momentum. Ouyang Quanhua believes that Taiwan funded enterprises in Jiangxi Province has shown "a large project, capital Kuogu, Baotuan investment, technical content and the continuous upgrading of the industrial clusters growing" five characteristics. China News Agency reporter also learned from the date of the meeting, the fourteenth "Gan Tai" will be held in September this year in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Gan Tai will be held every year since 2003, is the largest in the central region of Taiwan economic and trade exchanges activities. (end)