9Interview with NHL legend Shute – Steve ice hockey focus on passion|Interview with NHL legend Shute – Steve ice hockey focus on passion

Interview with NHL legend Steve Shute: playing ice hockey focuses on the passion of Steve Shute of sina sports dispatch January 2016, 4 bits from the Montreal Canadiens veteran hockey star, is also the Stanley Cup champion will be across the Pacific, the first landing in Beijing, the Chinese ice hockey star of tomorrow to guide teaching. Today we have the pleasure of contact with Shute Steve (Shutt Steve), one of the Hockey Hall of fame members, asked him to talk about the expectations of the Chinese tour, as well as the development of ice hockey in china. Reporter: Hello, Steve, I am very pleased to be able to contact you, we can come to China for the development of ice hockey to do a very grateful, thank you very much for your busy schedule to accept our interview. What do you expect from your first trip to China? Steve: I’m very excited to be in China. We always hear Chinese in the rapid development of the Chinese, I was very happy to see the comparison of past and present China eyes. Reporter: what are your plans for this Montreal Canadian hockey program? Steve: I think we first need to understand what is currently playing hockey in China, so that we can accurately draw the way to help the development of ice hockey in china. Shute Steve: what do you expect from the status quo of China’s ice hockey? Steve: I am not concerned about the level of hockey players, but the passion for the sport. If I can see the children’s love of ice hockey, it can really make me excited. If children love ice hockey, they will naturally become more and more. Looking back over the past 30 years of ice hockey in the United States development. The first NHL no players from the United States, and the children must be to catch the 3 to 4 hours away, to get on the ice, but in ice hockey that love put in there and want to succeed the passion there. Look at today’s NHL, 25% of the players are from the United states. Until last year we for the first time in the NHL see China faces (An Dong song), which is a beginning, hope that other young Chinese athletes can like emulate him, if he would become a professional hockey player’s dream, why can’t I? Reporter: what do you think about ice hockey and the development of winter sports in China? Steve: the lack of ice is obviously, in fact this is a worldwide problem. I know that the coaches from North America and Europe have always been to China to guide their children. Reporter: do you have any suggestions for the development of ice hockey in China in the future? Steve: it’s very simple, spend some time on the ice, plus a little counseling training. Reporter: what do you think of the Winter Olympics which will be launched in Beijing in 2022? Steve:2022 years of winter is a step into the world stage Festival, is a great opportunity for Beijing and China. (sina sports)