9Explore The Royal Rajasthan Full Of Color, Culture, Forts And Temples|Explore The Royal Rajasthan Full Of Color, Culture, Forts And Temples

Travel-and-Leisure The Land of Royals Rajasthan welcomes all its tourists hard heartedly with full warmth. Rajasthan is well renowned all over as Land of Royals as most if the Kings and Emperors resided here. Make an ever unforgettable trip to the land of colors, festivals The Royal Rajasthan. While simply being in Rajasthan you will have the feeling of royalty. Rajasthan has that charm through which it attracts the tourists from overseas. In Rajasthan on can find innumerable palaces and forts that hold the numerous Rajput Kings history. Apart from picturesque view and numerous monuments the main thing which attracts tourist to Rajasthan is the folk-dance and food. It is believed that Kings always had dined and wined in perfect style. The royal families were served with numerous mouth watery dishes. Ingredients of some royal dishes are still a secret and not disclosed to all. The food included both non-vegetarian & vegetarian dishes in Royal menu. The local people here are very fond of music. Music lives within the heart of each person residing here. Satara, Kamaycha Sarangi, Morchang and Nad are some common musical instruments which adds beauty to the song. Once you hear the local people singing the local song you can stop yourself from joining them and dancing with them as the song has a life in it which changes the mood. This wonderful opportunity of joining the local people in their song & dance is not offered to you anywhere easily. The best medium through which you can enjoy and feel the songs are Ratijagas. Some famous places where a tourist can visit and explore more of Royal Rajasthan during their tour to Rajasthan are: Bikaner Bikaner is that place where you can find many forts and temples. Junagarg Palace and Lal Garh Palace are some of the famous palaces in Bikaner. Few kilometers away from Bikaner, in a small city called Deshnoke, you can see Karni Mata Temple where there are numerous rats moving about here and there in the temple. You can also take part in the camel race festival over there which is held once in a year. Jaipur Jaipur is also known as the Pink City because maximum buildings over here are made up of pink marble. Jaipur is that city that comes is involved in the Golden Triangle Tours. It is famous for the Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort, Jal Mandir, Jaigarh Fort etc. Many tourists every year flood in to Jaipur to explore its beauty. Jaisalmer Another famous place in Rajasthan where tourists can spend their holidays is Jaisalmer. It is not far from the Pakistan Border. One can take the pleasure of camel safari in this place. Jaislamer is also world famous for the golden desert. In Jaisalmer you can visit Gadidisar Lake, Jaisalmer Fort, NathmalJi Ki Haweli, Salim Signh Ki Haveli etc. Chittourgarh This place is popular because of it has an interesting past and Rajputs chivalry. This magnificent place displays remnants of historical period and tells about the glorious period that was in this place. The forts where you can go are Ghittourgarh Fort, Victory Tower, Vijaya Stambh, etc. Other than these places Rajasthan is full of numerous temples and palaces as well as wildlife which you can explore. About the Author: