9Even the sea level how to avoid the sanitation sprinkler caused a car accident – Sohu review|Even the sea level how to avoid the sanitation sprinkler caused a car accident – Sohu review

Sea level: how to avoid "sanitation sprinkler car accident caused by" – Sohu comment in January 14 morning, Anhui Fuyang appeared strange: from 6:00 to 8:30, the city report occurred in 42 cases of traffic accident. It turned out that when the weather is relatively low temperature, the minimum of -5 degrees, while the sprinkler at 4 am still water cleaning the road, resulting in a number of road icing. In this regard, the local sanitation department has to apologize to the general public. At first glance this seems to be the local sanitation department "good thing to do", although the "artificial increase ice" victimized the 42 car owners, the sanitation department starting point is "good". As the deputy director of Fuyang city sanitation bureau director Rui said, "Fuyang’s recent dry weather, road dust. The original intention is to wash the road, to give you a clean living environment". 42 cases of traffic accidents caused by the loss of property insurance company pays the bill, the local sanitation department also apologized, if an event is really "accident", it fills, but a document tells us that things are not that simple. According to media reports, Fuyang City, the relevant departments had issued the notice on further standardize Fucheng winter day watering and night washing operation, which requires the outdoor temperature is below zero, generally do not implement night flushing and daytime sprinkler operation. This shows that the outdoor temperature in the zero degree below the water spray dust may cause the risk of icing on the road, the relevant departments are very clear, otherwise not specifically issued regulations. According to the weather forecast, the same day the lowest temperature in Fuyang -5. So, Fuyang city sanitation bureau is not only good intentions to do bad things, but also against the operation, the 42 accidents have direct responsibility. A classic western legal story, called "Hawaii palm does not result". Say in the sixties of the 20th century, a sun on the beach in Hawaii travelers in the United States, was killed by a coconut tree fell, the family of the deceased will sue the state court. The plaintiff believes: Hawaii government has an inescapable responsibility. As a result, the court supported the plaintiff, the fine state government compensation $10 million. Lawsuit win, trouble again, many visitors get the news, rushed to the beach under the palm, waiting for him, bad, see the government, organization of a professional team to cut coconut, don’t let coconut results. Compared in Fuyang, Anhui sanitation bureau, perhaps the state of Hawaii more "injustice", but the latter did not try to day-to-day management responsibilities, and the former is directly responsible. It can be predicted that if this happened to surge in public awareness of the rule of law, perfect law countries, the public sector will prostrate. The public and administrative departments seriously, not deliberately finding fault, out of nothing, but has a positive meaning. The first is the responsibility to blame, sanitation department violations should bear the corresponding responsibility, can not be a good starting point and relief. And through external supervision, can help the administrative departments to strengthen the sense of responsibility, better performance of public management responsibility. As the state of Hawaii, losing let they pay more attention to the quality of public services, more actively to nip in the bud. Newspaper commentator Lian Haiping