9Don’t go to city women who spilled sewage|Don’t go to city women who spilled sewage

Biemang Zhao to the urban female body splash sewage through train, automobile and tractor, a Shanghai girl and her boyfriend back to Jiang Xishan District, home to the new year. Finally, the table guests dinner let her complete collapse, then will the Jedi and the boyfriend broke up and returned to Shanghai. In the face of the authenticity of the authenticity of the story of the story, let Dorji think that the girl’s lack of family education, lack of confidence, we should not be ignored." (Southern Metropolis Daily February 12, 2016) I think, such a sewage, or a little bit slow! A Shanghai girl, even ordinary people, willing to and a from the mountains of Jiangxi Province boy fall in love, she was not a sophisticated; willing to after the trip of the train and automobile and tractor, and her boyfriend back to the District home new year, that she is not delicate and clinking… Facing the society do not marry phoenix male voice, face worried parents and advice, resolutely love from Jiang Xishan boyfriend, and in boyfriend therewith to return home for the new year (actually is marriage do final preparations), the girl from Shanghai which lack of family education, which place and lack of confidence? The final collapse, from the first dinner guests, and eventually lead to break up and go home. Not to say that the error, that is, the girl before she was too confident, this confidence so that she completely ignored the economic level, the ability to recognize the difference between thinking and behavior. Poor economic conditions, is acceptable; traffic inconvenience, is tolerable; but no fortune teller to the table of food, the stained wooden table, which both uneven in length of chopsticks, has become the camel crush the last straw — when the reality to a breakthrough in the bottom line and again, and the three presented in her eyes, her heart is messy and collapse, enough to destroy it before the future life all longing. So, the problem in the end where is it? Some people say that they are poor to blame, I think, this is a very irresponsible statement. How can a clean table, a neat chopsticks, can spend? What’s more, there’s a son in the big Shanghai! I believe that the table of food is home distal to the people than the usual standard out of the whole, I believe, the old couple to receive from the big cities of the quasi daughter-in-law of special preparation, but at the end of the show — the minimum standards for the highest standards of the old couple and quasi daughter-in-law, still have a great difficult to insurmountable divide! This gap is related to poverty or economic level, but more because of the difference between thinking and behavior. Is also in poor remote rural areas, there are always so few households, host family especially in particular about the hostess, home up regular and neat, discrepancy is clean well, and such a family, it is usually in the rising process. Because of poverty, you may have to wear a patch of clothes, but the way to patch, whether to wear clean and tidy, but it is you can choose, you can decide. Poverty is not the most terrible, terrible is the resulting lack of thinking and behavior lazy — a flush toilet repair, it is difficult to? Fangqianwuhou 4