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The Japanese invaders after a large number of germ warfare war criminals is not approval of a United States guest data figure: Hideki Tojo in court trial at the end of the Second World War, as an important part of dealing with the aftermath of the, the allies in Tokyo, Japan set up the International Military Tribunal for the far East, in accordance with international law launched a war of aggression of Japanese war criminals to trial. Tokyo trial is not only a historical summary of the world anti fascist war, but also the beginning of the new pattern of international relations between Japan and the Far East after the war. International Military Tribunal for the Far East to Japan’s major war criminals make the justified in solemn judgment, on the history of the world produced important and widely influence. Tokyo Trial merits first, the Tokyo trial is peace to war, civilization of savage, justice of evil of a trial, it is not only a legal trial, as well as a political trial, with designated times of political significance and historical significance. The trial of Tokyo in the international politics and international law is the need for the development of international politics and international law in the trial of anti peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Second World War launched by the Japanese and German, Italian Fascist is human history has the largest scale and the most extensive, loss of life and property of the great war, only to war crimes trial directly participate in the common criminals, not punishment of planning and launching and command of the leader of the war of aggression. Only with anti – Peace crimes, crimes against humanity, will be able to plan, launch and command the war of aggression leader in charge of the holy court to punish its war crimes. A crime against peace represents the aggression war itself accumulate launched all other crimes of all acts of terror, and so is the most serious international crimes; crime against humanity is killing the residents of the peaceful, servitude, forced migration or to political, racial or religious reasons, and the implementation of genocide and mass murder and other crimes, not only for the international rules of war are prohibited and humanitarian ideals ignored. The International Military Tribunal for the Far East according to the testimony of many first-hand materials and more than 1000 people, verify the a large number of historical facts, system to expose and cited the Japanese government and military planning launched a war of aggression and in the war committed many terrible atrocities, especially the Nanjing Massacre, produced a huge shock in the international community, to confirm the Japan from the "Nine" September 18th Incident "to the war in the Pacific during the war of aggression. The International Military Tribunal for the Far East is on behalf of all victimized countries, on behalf of the people of the world war criminals on trial, not the victors of the defeated country, unilateral trial. Its essence is international justice of fascist forces of evil in the trial. Second, the trial of Tokyo has made a great contribution to the development of international law, especially the development of international criminal law. The establishment of the military court of Tokyo trial is reached by during World War II, the allies of the Potsdam Proclamation, the surrender of Japan "series has a legally binding international document determined, the supreme commander of the Allied forces in the Far East Department of the special notice" and the International Military Tribunal for the Far East of the Charter of, based on the Convention and the Moscow declaration, the London accord and other international law or the international documents and to develop, and European military court judgments, is recognized around the world about the war, the important documents of international law, it in the international law opened first river, promote the establishment and development of the laws of war. In addition, the Tokyo trial for the study of Japan’s recent.