99The new season to the playoffs Western upstart manager from the defensive grab|The new season to the playoffs Western upstart manager from the defensive grab6

The new season to the playoffs Western upstart Manager: Dempsey Sina grabbed from the defense sports news Beijing time on September 25th, according to the "NOLA" network reported that in New Orleans the media day, general manager of DELL Dempsey said the goal of the new season’s playoffs, but in the west to achieve this goal is difficult, so they want to regain defense. As for rumors of his position precarious, he doesn’t care. After a disappointing 2015-16 season, Dempsey realized the need to re shuffle the team to help the team move forward. "I think the new season is a bit different and we’ve lost some of the key players," Dempsey said. "But I’m happy with the new players. I really believe that we will have a new look, our game and a few years ago will be different. We will be in charge of this to make sure that our decisions are correct." The new season of the 19 players in the pelican training camp, 10 people are new faces, and in Dempsey’s philosophy, the lineup renovation should begin from the defensive end start. Last season, the field loses points up to 106.5 points, ranking twenty-sixth in the league. "We want to become a better defensive team really," Dempsey said, "this is one of our goals this offseason…… We had a good defensive player, but we may have to be more focused on it." This summer, the $92 million 600 thousand have signed striker Hill, defender Solomon Langston – Aitken million and Galloway Moore, in order to enhance the defense toughness and comprehensive. "We think the 3 are versatile," Dempsey said, "we think to want to progress, we need three of them, because they now can have a significant impact on the game." Dempsey in the first round of the sixth overall selection of Bardi – Hilde, he will bring more outside shooting, become an attacking threat and the pelican. But Dempsey said, Hilde took the lead to him is hard. "Bardi’s career is a phenomenon, he is also very hard," Dempsey said, "he is in the offseason to show enthusiasm, training and competition consciousness, are beneficial to our team." Dempsey believes last season made only 30 wins and 52 losses to the pelican has made great progress, but whether it can become the Western Top 8, he still hesitate. "I believe that all the teams will be the Western playoffs as a goal, and now we are concerned," Dempsey said, "the process is to focus on the daily work, focus on defense, to ensure that we do not make mistakes. We have to work hard, be smart and play the right way." There have been rumors that, if the next season is still disappointing, Dempsey’s position will not be secure, but he didn’t care. "There is a lot of pressure in the field of professional sports," Dempsey said. "It’s a part of professional sports. Now I’m here when I first came here…… We want to succeed, and we want to succeed." (Chi Mei)