99Tears! Terry Chelsea is the end of one leg header|Tears! Terry Chelsea is the end of one leg header7

Tears! Terry Chelsea is the end of single leg Terry Zhengding loyal to Chelsea sina sports news in the game just ended Chelsea away in Swansea, the situation is very stalemate, Chelsea struggled at the last moment, only a goalless draw, failed to get three points. Chelsea and team captain Terry wounded rescue in the final moments of the scene, people moving. When the game has arrived in stoppage time, Chelsea has run out of substitutions. At this time Terry died of a sprained ankle, limped, has become a problem to walk, but then the other side of the ball to the top of the arc, with a complete team captain’s leg only to pedal, leaping headed the rescue, however when he landed, seems to have pain. The game ended whistle sounded, Terry collapsed, fell on the lawn, his face buried in his arm, it seems very painful. According to Sky Sports said after the game, Terry needs to be able to leave the stadium on crutches, team spirit is really worthy of the name of Chelsea shed the last drop of blood. Terry injured after Conti entered the defensive team, Terry obtained a copy of Chelsea’s contract, Conti said: "Terry is the captain, a great player, with extraordinary personality and unique personal charm. I like to communicate with him very much, he knows the club well, and can become the leader of all the people in the spirit." Today, at least from this scene seems to want to build a jagged division, so the team spirit must never yield in spite of reverses. (Zi Quan)