98Club ranking first Guoan beat Hengda return to Asia on Hong Kong (video)|Club ranking first Guoan beat Hengda return to Asia on Hong Kong (video)8

Hengda Club ranking: return to Asia first Hong Kong [information] beat Guoan Club rankings: Hengda return to Asia first Hong Kong Tencent September 20th Guoan beat sports football statistics website "footballdatabase" announced the latest FIFA Club World ranking. Guangzhou Evergrande’s world ranking rose to seventy-first place, the anti Italian giants AC Milan (seventy-second), the Asian ranking is also a lapse of the period of 5 to return to first. Influence on Hong Kong and Luneng by AFC Champions League out, rankings are declined, the Hong Kong Asian ranking is beyond the national security. Return to Asia first Hengda Hengda Club ranking on the weekend of the League 6-2 victory over Liaozu, this victory also let Hengda the points to 1625 points, ranking in the world, Hengda from the previous seventy-fourth to the current seventy-first, ranked 3, beyond ranked seventy-second in the Serie A giants AC Milan. Milan Hengda world ranking beyond Asia, Saudi team Al A Hurley due to prior to the Saudi League lost 2-3 to Al Shah Babu, points to 1624 points, Hengda Toubajiaoyi Asia re took the throne. It is worth mentioning that, after 5 consecutive days, most of the Saudi team was suppressed. Hengda world ranking beyond Ahly Jeonbuk (South Korea), Al Ain (UAE), Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia), Sanfrecce Hiroshima (Japan), Urawa Red Diamonds (Japan), Seoul FC (South Korea), Mongolia communications (Thailand), Kawasaki (Japan) 3-10 in front of asia. Among these, the north, Seoul and Al Ain FC are this year’s top 4 AFC Champions League team, Hengda only than in all of North more than 20 points, to keep the top first Asian Hengda, the end of the season is not lost. The last week have been two games a week, 2-0 away win Liaozu also let the team get promoted the Asian rankings, Guoan Asia ranked 4, ranked thirtieth. Although the Hong Kong Super stadium 2-1 victory over the 0-5 defeat AFC Champions League Greentown, but led the team in Asia, ranking from thirtieth drop to thirty-third place, in the super team is beyond national security. Luneng in last week’s game and Seoul AFC Champions League toharmonious Jianye draw has been reversed, Asia has fallen from forty-fifth to forty-eighth. Suning continues the previous winning pace, the super stadium 2-0 in TEDA, rankings continue to rise, from a period of sixty-sixth to sixty-third during the period. Shenhua 2-0 leading situations by Lifan even after 2 ball draw, Asian ranking from seventy-fourth to seventy-sixth. After decimating the 1-3 defeat Yatai, Asia ranked the same decline, from ninety-first down to ninety-third. The TOP100 entered the Asian super team is still 7, promoted Yanbian ranked 107th in Asia, ranking eighth in the super team. (bar)