97Ross back to the United Center game Boo is part of the game (video)|Ross back to the United Center game Boo is part of the game (video)2

Ross back to the United Center game: Boo is part of a game [star] Ross Bryant had 16 points against the folding rod sports news New York Tencent in November 3rd shocked the audience Nicks’s ailing, and today by 99-118 not enemy Houston rockets, after losing streak record is 1 wins and 3 losses, the season did not start well. Nicks’s next match will be away to the Chicago bulls, relatively speaking, the bulls are the season running more smoothly team, "three to vote" Butler, Wade, Rondo was a good state. This is the first time Ross left the bulls, against the old lord. Ross said this: "I know you will get some boos. But that’s part of the game and that’s part of the game. It doesn’t affect my play, and I want to win the game." Ross is not afraid of boo Ross had always been proud of the bulls, he is a native of Chicago, and in 2008 to draft by his hometown club selected, after fame, not only won the rookie of the year award in the 10-11 season, more than Lebron and many other big players won the regular season MVP, NBA became the youngest MVP. At the same time a and selected the best All-Star lineup, the most amazing is that he is too good and too young, so that NBA increased the "Ross terms" the new labor agreement, in order to make the outstanding young players eligible to obtain earlier occupied the salary cap 30% maximum salary contract. At that time, it was often said that Ross would bring a championship to the bulls, and even lead another bull Dynasty after Jordan. However, the cause of his gorgeous style problems gradually struck, 11-12 season, Ross started to suffer serious injuries, and injured for the season to be back again, reduced exercise capacity for him to return to the peak state. With the rise of the Bulls star Jimmy – Butler, also let the Bulls determined with Butler as the core to regroup, in June this year, the bull and Nicks reached a blockbuster deal, the Bulls officially sent Ross, bull Ross era had ended. Although left the bulls, but Ross admitted that he was not hostile to the Bulls: no hatred, I fully understand the business of basketball, so there is no hostility. I never had any idea of being traded. I have always regarded it as a blessing, let me have the opportunity to come to this market, join the team, and can create a culture here." Ross said that the current decline in his ability to change his style of play, he said: "I was a bull during the young reckless genius players. And now you see me, become more mature, my basketball IQ higher. I will control my desire, no need." He is currently playing for the Nicks team 16 points, 4 rebounds and 2.5 assists, but also to adapt to the new team and new play. A star mother team encounter boos greeting return to James has been booed in Cleveland NBA on boos greeting, such a situation is not uncommon, the more stars return to parent club, enjoy the treatment is more violent. And if the non team.