97NBA history of the ten super team Miami big pressure on the Lakers in the first 3 bulls|NBA history of the ten super team Miami big pressure on the Lakers in the first 3 bulls4

NBA history ten super team: Miami 3 giant bull in the first heat pressing the three giant sina sports news Beijing on November 1st news, according to "Fawkes NBA" sports reports, there have been a lot of super team, but the super team in history also had. So, all the super team together, who is more powerful? 10.2013 years of the Losangeles Lakers, trying to make Kobe won sixth championship rings, they introduced Dwight – Howard and Steve – Nash, the theory of enhancing both ends, but because of various reasons, the team failed. Once Kobe was injured, the team was swept in the first round, Howard and Nash did not immediately leave, can keep healthy. 9.1997 years Houston Barkley joined the Rockets rockets too late, he joined the Rockets in the end of his career, and Olajuwon and Drexler chasing the ring, but the Rockets in 1994 and 1995 already took the ring. Barkley failed to fulfill his wish. 8.2012 years of the Losangeles Clippers in 2011, Paul joined the Lakers failed, by Stern as a "Basketball" veto. Paul then joined the clippers, teamed up with Griffin and Jordan. 7.2017 Jinzhou warriors Durant and curry is the two newly elected MVP players, Lebron in promoting James, they go together. If the warriors finally win, they can also improve the ranking. 6.2004 years, the Losangeles Lakers Hall of fame gathered in the hall of the four. If Kobe had not been charged in trouble, if Malone can stay healthy, if not break OK…… 5.2008 years of Boston Celtic three giants in the green army together, this is also the modern basketball for the first time the formation of the big three and success. They won 66 wins and won the championship in the first year. 4.2016 years Cleveland Knights also in the finals 1-3 behind the back made history, this point alone, the knight worthy of this position. 3.2004 years Detroit pistons Billups, Hamilton, and the twin pistons of, shocked the world in 2004, won the championship, and in the next 4 years, all entered the final of the partition in. 2.2011 years, the Miami heat Miami giants, a landmark of the term. James and Wade, after joining hands with 2012, in 2013 and won the championship in. Winning the championship has also strengthened James’s historical status. The second wave of the 1.1996 Chicago bulls Jordan three consecutive start. The bull introduced Rodman, won the regular season 72 wins, and won the championship. Last year, the warriors won 73 wins, but did not win, which also proved the side of the bull how terrible. (Emily)