97Autumn and winter running six pay attention to pay attention to breathing|Autumn and winter running six pay attention to pay attention to breathing7

Autumn and winter running six great attention to breathing data. With the autumn of four, when running after sweating by the cool breeze blowing up feeling uncomfortable, may even lead to a cold, how to solve? We recommend to prepare a run is a very thin coat, the skin clothing collocation, inside a drying process of your T-shirt, make running more comfortable. Autumn running should pay attention to? Clothes: the early autumn, the temperature gradually decreased, wear white thin clothing. After the Mid Autumn Festival, the temperature decreased, should be timely to add clothes, so as not to catch a cold. Diet: first should run. After the fall, less rainfall, air drying, easy to cause the throat, nasal dryness, skin astringent "dry disease", we should drink boiling water, tea. Winter: [winter] winter running breathing techniques to mouth breathing: in general should also pay attention to your mouth slightly open, the tip of the tongue against the palate, let the cold air suction mouth from the tip of the tongue on both sides of the detour, we can have a heating process of cold air, avoid direct inhalation of the trachea, causing discomfort, cough. Exhale, release the tongue from the palate, let the hot air from the mouth spit out smoothly. There is no need for this summer. Before running: before running the foods to avoid running or running after the stomach pain before running, we suggest that before running, appropriate to eat low fiber fruits or vegetables, such as pumpkin, tomato, olives, grapes, grapefruit will be a good choice. Please tell the runners around Oh ~ exercise common sense: warm-up before the race warm-up can stimulate the movement of the central nervous excitement, the establishment of coordination between the various systems of the body organs, these are achieved through the warm-up. Jogging and warm up exercise can increase the body temperature, muscle coordination, scalability and flexibility will be improved. If you don’t warm up, you’ll soon get tired, stiff and sore, shortness of breath, and don’t even want to keep running. Running in the morning before should not eat food, not fasting, generally speaking, before the 500ML warm morning run, there are no conditions on the condition of collocation of honey, a small piece of chocolate, warm water can Runsang and prevent blood viscosity is too high, chocolate can avoid hypoglycemia, provide a certain amount of heat. But there is no eating schedule or food for everyone, and everyone needs to practice and find the right food and eating time. [note] run before 1, 30 minutes before drinking water of high concentration of glucose (glucose is rapidly absorbed monosaccharide directly on the muscle), don’t drink other drinks, thirsty to drink water, before 30 minutes do not eat any food. Remember!! 2, on the day of the game must not eat chocolate and other sweets, eat the game will be sticky throat. [preparation for running] 1, jogging can be micro sweating. 2, do stretching, pressure, waist twist, stretch shoulder and other activities, will be related to the joints, ligaments, muscle activities. 3, do 2, 3 speed acceleration of 30 meters. Why can’t you just start running? "Do a simple warm-up exercises before running, because running on the knee pressure than