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All star: Paul Harden curry Westbrook, who can squeeze out the game? Sohu sports Lillard is the six show in 2012, his career for the first season averaged 19 points and 6.5 assists, becoming the best rookie. The first four career season, Lillard each season in progress, each season is amazing. Last season was Lillard averaged a career high 25 points and 4 rebounds and 6.8 assists, leading the Blazers to blaze a new trail in the Western powers, the success of the playoffs, and hit the second round, caused a lot of trouble to the warriors. Even if Lillard had done so well, but he is not popular, especially in the all star. Lillard took part in the all star skills challenge in the rookie season and won the 2013 all – Star skills challenge in the second – second of the season with a score of 29.8 seconds. When the second grade, Lillard was named to the Western lineup, his first all star race. In addition to the all star game, Lillard also participated in the all star weekend three points, dunk and skills, as well as the rookie challenge, becoming the first person in history the first NBA all star in all five competitions, and once again become the skills challenge champion. See here, feel Lillard road of the entire star is Everything is going smoothly., but that is not the case. The 14-15 season, Lillard averaged 21 points and 4.6 rebounds and 6.2 assists, although the final also participated in the all star game, but not Griffin out because of injury, did not participate in the all star game qualifications. From here, Lillard all star career is full of rugged. Last season, Lillard led to the west of the fifth alone record into the playoffs, eventually could not all star. Lillard also expressed dissatisfaction with the unfair treatment by their own, and in the all star game the first game scored 51 points, leading the Blazers victory over the defending champions warriors 32 points, a loss to the warriors suffered the worst season. Anyway, with all star Lillard strength is no doubt, but clustered in the top defender of the west, just finished his rookie contract Lillard indeed competitive enough. In 2005 NBA Paul, 2008 Westbrook, 2009 curry and Harden, two years ago and untouchable Kobe, compared with these people, really have almost lillard. The three game of pre-season, Lillard got a total of 105 points, and at the crucial equaliser first hit third games, winning the game winner a. That really makes people feel very amazing, if this performance is not all star, "there is no justice? Is there any law?" But no one really want to edge Paul Westbrook Curitiba harden of the four, Lillard must dominate the play, but also led the team to get a good record. WeChat search public concern number [of] don’t learn, go through all kinds of surveys at all times and in all countries.