96Serena upset loss to Czech a sister missed the US Open final lost the first in the world|Serena upset loss to Czech a sister missed the US Open final lost the first in the world4

Serena upset loss to Czech a sister missed the US Open final away upset world first Serena missed the final Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 9th, the 2016 US women’s singles semi-finals against Serena Williams in the first World War, Czech sister Carolina Price Kurkovva, the top seed in 2-6 6-7 (5) score upset out, after the last semi-final upset lost to Vinci, for second consecutive years the US missed the finals, missed the occupation career of twenty-third Grand Slam singles title at the same time, she will be in the next week to hand over the throne of the world’s first women’s singles. Price Kurkovva, who is the first to break into a Grand Slam final, will compete for the final title with the winner of the match between Gobel and the player of the year (see chart). Serena this season is not smooth, Wimbledon this year tied the Graf record, then the game is first out of the Cincinnati tournament, and again in the Olympic games ahead of the game. The current US top seed has played well, beat Maarova, Scherf do Va, Halep and other famous advance to the semifinals. The campaign against the Czech beauty Price Kurkovva, the latter on a Kang victory. The two sides had played a dominant victory, serena. The semi-final loss to Serena if Puwa, with 309 Grand Slam win record for the world’s first awkward throne, and Gobel will be a smooth succession. The beauty of Czech us extremely good performance, in the face of blaze horse, Serena encountered substantial challenges. The first game, Czech beauty show Chushengniudu momentum, even with a broken protect start leading 3-1. Serena to eat small Ma Wei opponents make timely adjustments by Puwa error and large angle shot of a board. Price Kurkovva has not been Serena gas suppression, using his forehand to defend Madden Serena, find out the chance to score success. Serena now serve in crisis, scoring rate dropped to 60%. While playing along the Czech beauty even with a break even under 3, with 6-2 xianbatouchou. Second, the first in the world to strengthen the attack, the first game of the first tee, with a forehand high angle shots, Puwa ball mistakes, Serena a domineering net pressure ball scoring 1-0 lead. By the small fluctuations of Puwa remained very calm, with his serve hit two goals in mind ACE Paul made a smooth equaliser. Then the top seed hit 3 ACE opponents of a bureau. The beauty of Czech by ACE Paul made after the use of Serena bottom line is out of bounds break success, the score to 2-3. Serena stable rhythm, force 3 break points to break back, but then the Security Bureau Serena 2 double faults insurance send break, the score to 4-3. Ninth, Serena went 3 goals in mind ACE Paul made after the success rate to ease the situation of passive, advanced into the inventory 5-4. For the first time the score backward Puwa adjust the strength of a board. Eleventh, the two sides cast Lengjian, more experienced Serena kick out to win the next board. But the beauty of Czech by virtue of their excellent service technology boom 2ACE ball is forced out of bounds Serena again tie the score, the competition enters snatches 7, Serena has experienced a series of mistakes in the final 6-7 to lose one disc, was 0-2 Puwa sweep, missed the final. After the game, Czech beauty said in an interview: "it is difficult to believe that they beat the world first, she is a very strong opponent,"