9620 years after the Chinese people how pension|20 years after the Chinese people how pension1

20 years after the Chinese people how pension experts interviewed the well-being of the elderly: Beijing Social Administration Vocational College school dean Yang Genlai the deepening of the aging of China’s pension services, talent shortage is becoming more and more prominent. Over the past ten years, although many higher vocational colleges have set up the nursing profession, but frequently embarrassed, "not to move" and "stay" has become the social endowment professional "difficult", is for the future pension heavy-hearted. 20 years after the Chinese people how to pay for the elderly nursing profession seriously China has entered the aging threshold. National Health and Family Planning Commission data show that in 2015, China 60 years old and older has reached 220 million, accounting for the total population of 16%, over the age of 65 and up to more than 10.1%, has exceeded the United Nations set the aging standards". 20 years later, China’s older people are more than just 220 million  ." In the face of the future, such as the blowout of the elderly population, Yang Genlai, Dean of the school of old age welfare, Beijing Social Administration Vocational College. In accordance with internationally accepted rules, 3 elderly people need 1 nurses, according to projections, China’s pension needs of about 10 million people. At present, less than 600 thousand of the country’s elderly welfare workers, the number of professional qualifications to obtain old-age care less than 100 thousand.   the annual nursing talents of the national colleges and universities, it is difficult to meet the needs of the aging market. Yang Genlai pointed out that from 1999 to open the country’s first professional pension services, up to now, the national training of less than 5000 graduates. In 154 related professional colleges and universities, the provision of professional services and management of older vocational colleges and universities only more than 60, and mainly concentrated in the 15 provinces, there are almost blank in the 41.9% provinces. Moreover, the scale of students and personnel training is very small, to ensure that 3 consecutive years of enrollment of colleges and universities is less than 30, pension institutions in the school of life in the school are only about 80.8 people. In addition to the number of institutions and enrollment can not meet the social needs of the community, pension graduates job hopping and brain drain phenomenon is also very serious. Carambola (a pseudonym) is from Shandong nursing graduates. Had to apply for the professional, is that "family nursing talent" as a future "xiangbobo". But after graduation, the monthly income of only 3000 yuan, tired and not recognized, carambola shaken. Yang Gen, such a situation is uncommon, usually, the first year of graduates will lose 40%~50%, second years 60%~70%, up to third years 80~90%. Service intensity, but the recognition is very low, in fact, pension institutions may provide about 1 million nursing jobs per year." Yang Gen, this shows that nursing students do not worry about the lack of work. But still can not keep people, the key lies in this work has not been a corresponding social affirmation.   on the one hand, low salary, forced graduates. Data show that the monthly salary of nursing care professionals about 2400 yuan. This is because the pension service itself has the nature of public welfare, especially in the initial stage