95Su media losing someone always want to back the pot or coach it (video)|Su media losing someone always want to back the pot or coach it (video)0

Su media: someone has to lose back the goalkeeper or coach. [pan] information 0-1 Syria national football home court Gu Chao attack errors gifts country foot 6 Xi’an personnel tight rainy night, the Orangemen lost 0:1 to the weakest team home court rivals Syria team, not only top 12 qualifying prospects dimmed, coach Gao Hongbo also in trust deep crisis. Rather than a successful match and no one is playing the shot, goalkeeper Gu Chao’s attack is the focus of public opinion. In accordance with the practice of Chinese football, after losing someone always back pot, this time who? Gao Hongbo or Gu super? Yangzi Evening News reporter Huang Qiyuan for coach? Gao Hongbo ‘s line of Xi’an cold rainy night, fans chanted Gao Hongbo after class. In this regard, the vice chairman of the association Yu Hongchen said in an interview, now talk about Huanshuai too early. Nevertheless, the majority of peers in the media or that Gao Hongbo’s job in life is on the line. 8 at noon, the national charter flights from Xi’an to Uzbekistan, the capital of Tashkent, is expected to arrive at around 2 pm local time. Before the war, the country foot soldiers have said the trip to Tashkent, never give up, and strive to win the 12 race victory in the first group phase in Tashkent. This game is very important for coach Gao Hongbo, if you can not win, do not rule out the possibility of change. Before the war in Syria, in the outside world, the Orangemen will agree to win Syria, many senior fans put forward a goal such concerns "for the orangemen". In fact, in the Syrian war, the Orangemen exposed by the offensive team failed to get the main problem, is the game. Next, the game against Uzbekistan will come. In just four days, Gao Hongbo will take what approach? Unfortunately, Gao Hongbo canceled the team’s 7 day of training, the team will stay in the hotel gym to do physical training. This means that only three days left for Gao Hongbo to reform the offensive. How to change the team’s offensive system in just three days? The only good news is that Jiang Zhipeng after the game after the diagnosis did not fracture, so that the country will not recruit new recruits. Including the suspended Zhang Linpeng, 24 players will go to Tashkent. Throughout the country 12 strong before three games, Gao Hongbo to the industry and the outside world soil handsome impression is not good, and many people have criticized its personnel self-willed, tactical command and rigid poor. After the war in Syria, the media have thrown to the Chinese Senior Football Association will move the problem, the answer is in the Ukrainian war approaching, temporarily impossible. With the Uzbekistan team’s game, the national foot only take 3 points in order to resolve the current crisis facing the survival of the top 12 and the crisis of confidence. If the Chinese team in Ukraine war is still hard to get a win, do not rule out the Chinese Football Association launched an emergency plan to Gao Hongbo midway class may. From time to speculate, this possibility is established. That is to say, if the Orangemen away game against Uzbekistan is still unable to win, or even just to get a point, "Gao Hongbo opera" career may be huashangjuhao. Change keeper? Qu Chuliang: Gu Chao chose a game can be a player, there is also a game.