95He is a very dangerous game for war Yatai away from the relegation zone farther|He is a very dangerous game for war Yatai away from the relegation zone farther2

Magath: War is a very dangerous game for Yatai away from the relegation zone beyond Magath attended the press conference before the game Ji’nan Qilu network September 9th news (reporter intern reporter Xu Kaihua Mou Xiaofeng) days after the end of the match, the Super League resumes, Saturday night, Shandong Luneng will take the town home court against Changchun yatai. Before the game, Luneng coach Magath with team member Dai Lin attended the press conference before the game, Magath said tomorrow’s game will be very difficult, but want to win out of the relegation zone. This Saturday is the teacher’s day, teacher’s Day Poster before Luneng to play as the theme, "the master" Majiate head. The poster wrote: for the teacher Zhiyong, wins. The teacher, I wish you a happy holiday! Today, Majiate led 18 people came to the Luneng stadium security training, four to participate in the national team players, Gil, Hao Junmin, Pele, Zhao Mingjian, all came to the stadium, in addition to Monti, Usire, Liu Binbin, little Jin Jingdao, Cisse and Dai Lin, Li, Song Long, song Yi, Li Wei, Qi Tianyu, Tong Wang, Zhang Chi, Wang Dalei and Han Rongze also came to the stadium. For tomorrow’s game, Magath said: we have experienced a different usual preparation period, the past two weeks are national day, until yesterday, we all returned to the team. I’m glad they didn’t get hurt, but one or two players are a little tired. Tomorrow is a very dangerous, is also a very important game, although our opponent is the last one, but they did not give up, they will go tomorrow. So you can imagine, tomorrow’s opponents will be a strong discipline, very brave team, but for us, we will continue to extend past two league status, to strive for victory, away from the relegation zone farther." When a reporter asked whether the attention of players in the national team, he said: "I feel for the players in the national team’s performance is particularly happy, two Chinese players, with South Korea in the game, their debut for the national team situation has improved, and finally almost equalized."