95A break on the Hong Kong 3-1 Lei brilliant Huaxia keep super third comments – Sports Sohu|A break on the Hong Kong 3-1 Lei brilliant Huaxia keep super third comments – Sports Sohu0

A break on the Hong Kong 3-1 Lei brilliant Huaxia keep super third comments on the Hong Kong Sports Sohu 3-1 China Wu Lei break and El Eriksson to celebrate the Beijing time 19:35 on October 30th, in the final round at the same time, the Hong Kong Shanghai home court sits against Hebei Huaxia happiness. Gurum scored an own goal, Wu Lei breaking ball panic, Dong Xuesheng pulled a ball, aierkesen victory, the Hong Kong Shanghai 3-1 victory over Hebei Huaxia happiness, ranked third in the league, promotion in Minya AFC Champions League race. Because the first 29 Harding Park, Hong Kong accumulated 49 points, only ranked fourth in the Shanghai Shenhua 1 points higher, therefore, who can become the League third, full of suspense. The Hong Kong and Hebei teams score comparison, the Hong Kong home court this season 8 wins 5 flat 1 negative, and Hebei China away record is 6 wins, 1 draws and 7 losses, to promoted the horse, fighting off the performance is quite good. The first half of the first round of the contest, the Hong Kong Shanghai once 2-0 away to beat the opponent. The first half of the game, third minutes, the Hong Kong score, Hong Kong back, Wu Lei back door, Gurum accidentally hit the ball into their own door, Hong Kong 1-0 china. Nineteenth minutes, the Hong Kong backcourt balls, Wu Lei speed forward and lift out of the penalty area to defuse dangerous situations. Twenty-second minutes, Wu Lei ball on the right, the king? Super plug breakthrough by Haifeng Ding destroyed the bottom line. Huaxia substitutions, replacing Dong Xuesheng Alois Theo. The port from a corner to the box in rumes header. Twenty-third minutes, the Chinese attack on the right, Jiang Ning outside the area hit long-range closure. The breakthrough was Lee aierkesen tripped, Lee is booked. Twenty-fifth minutes, the port area outside the pick and Wu Lei header wide at the same time, Wu Lei also offside ball. Thirtieth minutes, the ball on the right side of the front of Jiang Ning, Zhang Lifeng bow and arrow hit the crossbar from. Thirty-seventh minutes, the Hong Kong to expand the score, Hulk quickly kick into the box, Wu Lei plug shot burst into the restricted area on the right side, the Hong Kong 2-0 china. Then a Lifeng midfielder a yellow card foul to eat. For forty-third minutes, both Lee restricted the right pass, and inserted after stopping Haifeng Ding hit the door up. The first half of the game, Shanghai port 2-0 ahead of Hebei huaxia. The second half of the match, the Chinese macro substitution, Guangxi for Jiang ning. Fifty-third minutes on the left corner, port restricted area, after being heads out to peripheral Shi Ke ball straight out of the bottom line. Then the Hong Kong a 2 hit 2, aierkesen breakthrough was blocked on the right side of the area. Fifty-seventh minutes before the ball left, mbia, Zhang Lifeng left inside hit the door was blocked, the Chinese team handball referee ignored complaints. Sixty-first minutes, Zhang Lifeng right corner, inside the box was the top, mubiya back, outside by Shi Keceng in the bottom line. The corner to open, high wing quasi header line. Sixty-fifth minutes, Cai Huikang backcourt handball foul, China won the perimeter ball, Haifeng Ding kick the ball hanging box, Yan Junling confiscated. Sixty-ninth minutes, the super king? – right, the two sides fighting for the two Evra Road, Dapian volley. Seventy-third minutes, Evra up front to break down, cut)