94Tunxiang! South Korea boss PK Hong Mingfu wins the middle-aged coach cuilong Zhu – Sports Sohu|Tunxiang! South Korea boss PK Hong Mingfu wins the middle-aged coach cuilong Zhu – Sports Sohu5

Tunxiang! South Korea boss PK Hong Mingfu wins the middle-aged coach cuilong Zhu – Sports Sohu who knows, Hangzhou Lucheng and Jiangsu Su Ningzhi dispute, to avoid relegation and win. Because Hong Mingfu and cuilong Zhu this two South Korean elite coach Mesozoic showdown, the significance of the game was redefined: only two teams of their dignity of the war, is also the boss battle between Hong Mingfu and cuilong Zhu. The balance weight would have been to the super luxury Jiangsu Suning tilt, but because the two South Korean coach of the contest, so Suning lost chips, increase the weight of the greentown. Thus, the occurrence of new tilt the balance, Hong Mingfu led the 3 civilian Greentown, 0 victory over the super luxury coach cuilong Zhu Su ning. This is Hong Mingfu to cuilong Zhu’s victory, he passed over the Korean War, a war would have laid down their position that South Korea coach Mesozoic, he previously served as the South Korean coach and led the team to participate in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the Korean Olympic team coach and the team won the bronze medal in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, not Langdexuming, more not by the relationship between the host. The clash and cutting Alto, Alto to win beyond all expectations, really surprising. Cuilong Zhu the fame of "multi-dimensional attack", in front of Hong Mingfu "Avalokitesvara" like defense system failure. Cuilong Zhu’s annual salary is at least three times Hong Mingfu; a 50 million euro Teixeira than Hangzhou Greentown team worth much higher; foreign aid Greentown basic will not exceed $700 thousand, Suning to buy foreign aid spending has reached 100 million euros. There is such a disparity, why Hong Mingfu will create a "classic case of The weak overcame the strong."? Before answering this question, to be clear, with Hong Mingfu and cuilong Zhu enemies like "competition" in Jiangsu Suning group vowing to stall Guangzhou Hengda internal instructions, whether or cuilong Zhu Su Ning team, categorically not in such a critical juncture, deliberately lose match-fixing and play tacit ball. If you hit, then the two teams can be erased from the territory of super. The following reasons Mingfu victory over Hong said South Korea coach cuilong Zhu to stabilize the Mesozoic dominance. 1, Hong Mingfu encountered more difficulties than cuilong Zhu, solve the difficult experience is more abundant than cuilong zhu. The age of the players, Hong Mingfu and cuilong Zhu is an important member of the South Korean national team. After retirement, Hong Mingfu became the object of the Korea Football Association focused on training, he from the lower level Guozihao team work, until the Olympic team coach and coach of the national team. No matter in which country, as the Olympic team and the national team coach, is the highest pursuit of the highest honor and occupation coaches. In the 2012 London Olympic Games, Hong Mingfu in Korean Olympic team won the bronze medal, flat South Korean Olympic record. In 2014 he was South Korea’s national team to participate in the world cup in Brazil, the results are not satisfactory. In Asia and South Korea football national team level, they want to play a great role in the world is difficult. 2014 is not 2002, can not rely on the player’s leg and the referee made fantastic achievements mouth. For a coach for the occupation, and participate in the world cup by experience?