94The first point guard on the war back when the first show to see recovery|The first point guard on the war back when the first show to see recovery6

The first point guard on the war back when the first show to see recovery Guo Ailun stood up to play special correspondent Cheng Sihai Shenzhen reported on a round away overtime loss to the Guangdong team, Liaoning suffered the first defeat of the season. But a lot of fans in Liaoning and not for the team to worry, because from the beginning of the fifth round, the team will have several penalties will have the ban expires, the Liaoning squad will also become more and more complete. The current round can be lifted back, is the team defender Guo Ailun. Guo Ailun last time in the eyes of fans in the official game, or the Rio olympics. Therefore, the current round of Liaoning away from the game to challenge Shenzhen, but also because of the comeback of the war is particularly noticeable. But to the disappointment of many fans, Guo Ailun was wearing a thick coat and sat at the end of the Liaoning bench. When the ban expires, what is hindering the return of Guo Ailun? Ban expires, but the body did not adjust well the reason, also from the Rio Olympics said. Since the end of the Rio Olympics, Guo Ailun’s body has not been very good. Before a high fever, because the identity of the players do not dare to use drugs, dragging a long time to calculate slowly get better. Can a high fever, he fell into a persistent fever, usually feel better during the day, but at night it will cause fever and felt unwell, the illness after he was hospitalized for more than a month, have not been resolved. In recent days, Guo Ailun has added a new trouble, the last round of the game and the team Guangdong team came to Guangdong that night, Guo Ailun suddenly felt stomach uncomfortable. In desperation, the team had in the early morning of the second day will arrange a doctor to accompany Guo Ailun to Dongguan local hospital, he even missed and the team went to the Shenzhen bus, did not participate in team training in Shenzhen for the first time. Later, Guo Ailun arrived in Shenzhen alone, and finally joined the team. He then joined the team on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, but his condition is still not ideal. The most understanding of this situation, naturally coach Guo Shiqiang. Training with Shenzhen before the game, many journalists have problems related to return Guo Ailun thrown to him, and Guo Shiqiang only gives an answer: "not ready to accept either course accident on the back, but depends on the specific physical condition". Hear the coach said, have the tacit understanding of Guo Ailun is modeled on nature. "Not play, even before the game and the doctor communication," Guo Ailun said before the game. As a result, Guo Shiqiang mouth in the "accident" or appeared. In fact, when Guo Ailun ban has passed, he would have to play the qualification, but this time what time I am afraid to, or according to the circumstances of his body. Coupled with the Shenzhen game played exceptionally stalemate, Guo Shiqiang also must not be in such a high intensity game, let the long war Guo Ailun rushed back. Not eligible to play, this let the sidelines of Guo Ailun although some impatient, but he also knew that their current physical and athletic level, is not suitable for high strength match. Before the start of the game, the end of the admission ceremony, Guo Ailun immediately returned to the bench, put on a long sleeved jacket two, because the air conditioning in the stadium blowing cold air, or let him feel.