94Parking spaces will be allowed to apply for permits to build the property does not exceed 20% of the|Parking spaces will be allowed to apply for permits to build the property does not exceed 20% of the8

Parking lot will be allowed to handle property certificate with the construction of new commercial area does not exceed 20% of net – in the Ministry of housing, land department has recently introduced the city parking lot planning and construction land deal, strengthening the special planning of city parking facilities regulation. Ministry of housing, the Ministry of land recently issued on the further improvement of urban parking planning and land use policy notice. Notification requirements, the city in accordance with the overall land use planning, urban master planning and urban integrated transport system planning, the preparation of special parking facilities planning. Notification requirements, to fully integrate the hierarchical planning of parking facilities, city underground space planning, hierarchical planning of parking facilities utilization of underground space, underground layout of City Road, square, playground, park and bus station, station and other public facilities, public parking lot, in order to promote the city construction land compound use. Notice clear, parking lot land supply should be incorporated into the state-owned construction land supply plan; to clear the paid leasing for the land, according to a certain proportion of surface transfer of the right to use construction land prices to determine the sale price; to encourage new public parking lot, encourage and revitalize the stock of land for the construction of parking lot. Land management, in the standard clear notice that the parking lot by means of transfer of land supply, does not exceed the maximum period of 50 years; industrial, commercial and residential land with the construction of the parking lot, land maximum period shall not exceed 50 years; the lease supply, the lease period agreed in the contract, the longest the same shall not exceed the maximum period of land use. In order to solve the construction of parking lot to attract social capital to the difficult problem of notice given the specific policy from many aspects: encourage parking industrialization, without changing the nature of land and ancillary commercial area under construction allowed no more than 20% does not reduce the premise of parking lot; encourage super built with parking lot, public parking lot more than new buildings parking parking lot with standard construction and new projects of simultaneous construction and open to the public, can give a certain volume of reward, and to exceed the parking standard construction of underground public parking lot, with super part of the land price will not be charged. The circular clearly simplifies the parking lot construction planning approval, clear parking owners can apply to the parking lot in the real estate registration authority to apply for real estate registration procedures. It is understood that the Ministry of housing will be further studied the introduction of relevant policies to encourage public parking space and parking lot of government investment in the construction of the implementation of the franchise, to further promote the healthy development of city parking industry.