94Lawson year contract signed a contract signed by the king personally issued twitter confirmed to joi|Lawson year contract signed a contract signed by the king personally issued twitter confirmed to joi1

Lawson, a year short exposure of signing the contract, the king himself tweeted confirmed to join the Sohu   sports; Beijing time on August 29th, from YAHOO sports were recorded Adrian Werner Lovskey’s latest report, the free Thai player Lawson has reached a contract agreement and the king, the contract for a period of 1 years, but the specific amount is not disclosed. This news, Thai – Lawson is also the first time to update twitter, confirmed that he will join the king, "SA city folks, to put your cow bell (a special King fans cheer) to shake up." Lawson wrote. In addition, there are also sources, Lawson on a visit to the king, with the team before signing, and have made contact with the pelican. Lawson is 29 years old, his career in the first 6 seasons, he was in the Nuggets, and has been the team’s core point guard. But because of the bad habit of drinking, Nuggets management began selling him last summer. Finally, in July 20th last year, Lawson joined the Rockets through a deal. To leave the city, Lawson was regarded as the main control of the two candidates, the coaching staff also expect him to harden as the proper pressure. But then, Lawson’s performance was very disappointing for the rockets. During Houston, a total of 53 games played in the first round of the game, the game was only get 5.8 points and 3.4 assists in 12. In March this year, the rockets and Lawson reached a buyout agreement. After that, he signed a contract with the Pacers, and has been playing in the city until the end of the season, during which he played 13 games, averaging a score of 4.9 points. During the offseason, Lawson became a free agent, but on the market, but few teams are interested in him. Analysts believe that Lawson’s ability is still in. Just as Lawson has been drinking in the league so many teams, known to all, for Lawson’s training, attitude to the game, and he can play the whole season, are in doubt. However, the king’s situation is somewhat special. The offseason, they let go of the main rondo. The original hope that Darren Collison to serve as the starting point guard. But after that, Collison was accused because of domestic violence, and could face jail. So in this context, the king signed a contract short Lawson, also bought a copy of the insurance. (Poirot)