94Ancelotti make mistakes too for as soon as possible Dharam out of defeat – Sports Sohu|Ancelotti make mistakes too for as soon as possible Dharam out of defeat – Sports Sohu8

Ancelotti: make mistakes too: for as soon as possible Dharam out of defeat – Sohu sports if the national Derby lost 0-1 to Dortmund, but also excusable; then the week in the Champions League win 2-3 upset loss to the Champions League debutants Rostov, let Bayern in the Champions League for the first time in history, the team lost to Russia, Bayern is clearly unacceptable under the. The sudden failure of the Bayern team were all caught off guard. Captain Rahm said the team ran to victory, but Ancelotti stressed that the team in return in low spirits; leading situation, made too many mistakes. Compared to the last weekend of the league, with players Ancelotti after the game ", dissatisfaction with the result of the game" remarks, this time Italy coach apparently not satisfied with the performance of players, Ancelotti believes a lot of errors cost the team the team ahead of the Bureau, "we don’t despise Ross Tov. We didn’t play well. That’s why we were defeated. We made too many mistakes after leading. Now, it is very difficult (for group leaders)." Captain Rahm of continuous fighting, exhausted, he also missed a great header in the game. He hopes the team can get out of the shadow as soon as possible, we want to be able to take away a victory from here. Now, we may have some fantastic. We need to understand that we have made too many mistakes after scoring goals. I don’t know why there are so many mistakes. We need to deal with these problems as much as possible, and we will be waiting for you on Saturday." The poor performance was replaced in advance of Boateng looking for excuses reasons for their own mistakes, "the ball is too simple, we need to better protect the defense team, like a team." (Nintendo)