93The football association in Ningxia home court disciplinary incident insults the visiting players + |The football association in Ningxia home court disciplinary incident insults the visiting players + 0

The football association in Ningxia home court disciplinary incident insults the visiting players + smashing bus fans irrational behavior source: good football history reporter Cheng Shan reported in September 17th, in the end of the four eight in the B League four final showdown, Lijiang Flying Tigers, Sichuan, Bao Dingrong and Annapurna I Jiangxi Liansheng semi-final, but not harmonious is Sichuan, Annapurna I on the road out of Ningxia mountain sea island, the team was the home court fans containment for nearly an hour, the last bus smashed glass. Football Association attaches great importance to this, will be dealt with severely in accordance with the provisions of the investigation. In the B League to enter the semi-finals of the crucial stage, in eight to four in two games, Baoding volume is 2 greater than 0 in Meixian to the next round, Sichuan away 1 1 Ningxia mountain sea island, a total score of 3 to 2. Jiangxi Liansheng 1 than Hebei, with a total score of 3 to 1 out of rival. Lijiang 3 2 Shenyang tigers home court, a total score of 4 to 2 in the semi-finals, B four strong dialogue in Sichuan, Annapurna I team away against Ningxia mountain island sea appeared in the division of security incidents. According to legend, Annapurna I will impact a bonus increased to 20 million yuan, a B in history, while the rival Ningxia mountain sea island early on set the chongjia goal, become a hot team B, the results just entered the semi-finals stage was eliminated, really eye popping, it became after the disciplinary incident fuse. Because of the September 10th Ningxia team away 1 to 2 loss to Sichuan Annapurna I team, the game can only win, the game play is very fierce, half of the visitors to the corner, 1 more than 0 lead into the second half. Up until the time before Yang Changpeng scored a goal, 1 to 1 of the results means that the home team missed the season a target. Some fans can not accept the home court, although there are also some rational fans shouted to encourage the next year, but there are also some fans to vent dissatisfaction in the body. Sichuan more than the players and staff members of the club by the Ningxia fans hit with an unknown object. After visiting Sichuan Anna’s team to win the game out of the Ningxia team, the Ningxia fans in the tunnel periphery plugging away for nearly an hour, but in the case of fans has not yet been evacuated, the Sichuan team players out of the lounge on the bus, around the Ningxia fans have abused guest team behavior, even the visiting team bus windshield the glass was broken. The Sichuan club official micro-blog Annapurna I by this incident were released. In the Ningxia micro-blog explained: "today Ningxia mountain sea island team fans containment Annapurna I players in the game, the reason is Sichuan Annapurna I team in the course of our players, make extreme language and collision on the body during the game, Sichuan team Annapurna I No. 12 Kang Park beat our players, but also because in the field of football – off our players to pick up the ball in Sichuan Annapurna I team alternate seats, the other team members hold football on the delay time, resulting in the player conflict." Whatever the reason why security incidents reflect the division appeared in the B Division of Ningxia management is not rigorous, this game is crucial, in the home court facilities are not closed, when the home fans have not yet dispersed, guest.