93Manchester City can not stop the purchase of luxury! Next year, then hit 150 million chase God + + +|Manchester City can not stop the purchase of luxury! Next year, then hit 150 million chase God + + +0

Manchester City can not stop the purchase of luxury! The next year and then hit 150 million + two iron Weiman chase in front of God City Ho purchased stop Phoenix sports news Beijing time on October 7th, the British "Daily Mirror" broke the news, in the two 2017 transfer window, Manchester City will still invest huge sums of money signings, currently Guardiola eyeing three players worth 150 million pounds, respectively is Aubameyang of Dortmund Juventus, Arsenal and Bonui Bellerin. British media said, although Manchester City is still the premier league leader, but in Guardiola seems, his team needs to introduce more players in order to further enhance the strength of the squad. In the front position, Guardiola favored Aubameyang from Dortmund, he hopes Aguero can share international Gabon offensive pressure. Join in Dortmund, Aubameyang played very well and made 150 appearances, scoring 87 goals, the efficiency of the good. Aubameyang is currently worth 50 million pounds, for Manchester City, which is affordable, but a major obstacle to the deal from real madrid. After all, Aubameyang more than once on the expression of real desire, if the Milky Way ships involved in the transaction, it is difficult to Manchester easily, but also have good blue moon, that is in the two 2017 transfer window, Zidane’s team have been banned signings. Guardiola’s team introduced the stones in the summer, although England’s strength is also very strong, but the state of kompany is very general, with the increase of age, the Belgian people have not Manchester City defense barrier. Therefore, the melon Shuai hope to introduce another world-class defender, his favorite object is worth 60 million pounds of Bonui. Bonui had had some praise for Guardiola, he also seems interested in Chelsea to Manchester City, but also attention the iron guard, yesterday’s "Daily Telegraph" pointed out that the willing to pay 60 million pounds transfer fee for Bonui, and the winter window will hand. In the right back position, Guardiola wants to get Wenger’s love for Bellerin. The Spaniard has played well this season and he has also been concerned by barcelona. At present, Bellerin’s net worth reached 40 million pounds, it is reported that, in order to prevent Manchester City and Arsenal for Barcelona poaching, a five year contract for it, but apparently, Manchester City will get Guardiola favorite players at all costs. (Rooney)