92The Berlin marathon start firing Ethiopia swept the men’s champion|The Berlin marathon start firing Ethiopia swept the men’s champion8

The Berlin marathon start firing Ethiopia swept the men’s championship – the forty-third Berlin marathon start firing Beijing time on September 25th at 3:15 in the afternoon, the forty-third Berlin marathon start firing. After more than 2 hours of competition, Ethiopia contestant won the championship for men and women. 000 m king Bekele finally in the marathon game also proved himself in the fifth person: he catch up from behind the marathon journey, counter ultra had been leading players in Kenya, 2013 Burma champion Wilson · Poussin in 2 hours 3 minutes 3 seconds ahead of the latter 10 seconds won the championship. Women, Ethiopia athletes swept the top three: 2 Burma champion Abeilu · Kobed road leading to 2 hours 20 minutes 45 seconds to hit the line, her fellow 2015 Tokyo marathon champion Bill Dibaba in · and the 2016 Vienna marathon runner Rooty · Agha respectively second and third; name. The Berlin marathon has always been known for its fast track, good weather, good organization and enthusiastic audience. This year when the local temperature is 19 degrees centigrade, humidity of 73%, the direction of the southeast wind 8km H. Although some cold start, but because the game is at 9:15 in the morning local time shots, so at the end of the race had to noon, therefore the second half of the temperature is relatively high or some. With the increasing number of white balloons into the sky, more than 40 thousand runners started pouring out in an orderly manner from the starting point. The African Legion was far from the start. Leading group in the 5km ran out of 14 minutes and 20 seconds of amazing results, showing that the most powerful competitors from the beginning of the world record. 2013 Burma champion and former world record holder Kipsang and King Bekele million meters and experienced Mu tye closely followed after the pace. In the first half of the game can be used simply to describe as fast as lightning, the leading group to speed faster than the world record of 1 minutes. At this time, Bai Ma 2014 runner up Mutai has gradually left behind. The game soon became a battle for 2 men. After 30km, Poussin launched a first offensive, he beat Bekele 30m and almost alone lead. But the 5000m and 10000m sites in the world record holder Bekele does not want to admit defeat, 2km after he ran after Poussin. The 34 year old Ethiopia man showed his strength in the final game in the field. After passing through the last water station, he easily got rid of the opponent, and at the same time for the 34 year old Kenya people can no longer keep up with his footsteps. In the end, Bekele first crossed the finish line. Bekele won his personal best score will be shortened to 2 minutes and one second, while creating a Ethiopia state record, and this achievement is the history of the second fastest performance, only Kenya player Denis · 2 hours to create Kimeto won here in 2014 when the 2 world record of 57 seconds slow 6.