92How to slow down when running to slow down the speed necessary to choose medical treatment|How to slow down when running to slow down the speed necessary to choose medical treatment7

How to slow down the speed of running when you need to slow down when you want to choose the medical data that weight loss, many people first thought of running. However, in the running process, we often encounter various problems. For example, in the process of running a sudden stomach pain. Some people will feel that running for a while does not hurt. So, in the process of running, why do we have abdominal pain, how to solve this problem? What is the cause of stomach ache during running? 1 before running, no good warm-up work muscles into the state of tension, and our internal inert, not immediately move to meet the muscle activity required nutrients and oxygen, respiratory muscle tension and spasm. 2 respiratory rhythm disorder after running for a period of time, the body’s oxygen demand increased, breathing is not appropriate, but to speed up the frequency of breathing and shallow breathing, will cause respiratory muscle tension, leading to convulsions. 3 long time vibration gastrointestinal peristalsis, changes the gas law in a normal and food together to stimulate the intestinal nerve, or because of a lot of sweat, sweat too much salt with the body, caused by gastrointestinal spasm. 4 immediately after the middle and long distance running, so that the gastrointestinal system is excessive traction, and cause pain. When running, how to solve the stomach ache? 1, abdominal pain in a timely manner to slow down the pace of movement, to adjust the rhythm of breathing, to strengthen deep breathing, press the pain site or bent to run a section, the pain can be reduced and even disappeared. 2, gently massage and kneading the abdomen, can play a role and blood and relieve pain. 3, press the two fingers respectively the forearm "Neiguan": arm, Yang Zhang, on the inside of the forearm, wrist after second stripes on the three finger, the middle two ribs, help to relieve pain. 4, if you have heart palpitations, sweating, coma, pulse fine speed and other symptoms, should be immediately supine, and drink some sugar. 5, by taking the above measures, reduce the pain still should stop motion, can be oral analgesic antispasmodic, acupuncture or kneading Zusanli, Dachangshu point fingers, can relieve pain. 6, if the pain was terrible, stubborn, the motion should be stopped in time, check to the hospital. So, if you run in the process of stomach pain problems, it is best to stop running, relieve pain, rubbing his stomach, drink some warm water, and so on to rest as soon as possible to exercise. If the pain, you should immediately seek medical treatment, do not force exercise. (39 Health Network)