91Zhang Jike late at night to send a fan to thank the fans for 10 years with Liu Guoliang to fight for|Zhang Jike late at night to send a fan to thank the fans for 10 years with Liu Guoliang to fight for7

Zhang Jike late at night to send a fan to thank the fans for 10 years with Liu Guoliang: to fight for 2020? Screenshot micro-blog Phoenix sports news Beijing on October 24th news, China table tennis team head coach Liu Guoliang, Zhang Jike finally caught up with the other chance. The night Zhang Jike Bo, thanked his fans for nearly 10 years for his support and companionship, said Liu Guoliang is from 2010 to now six years, "are you China table tennis team first put forward the prospects of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games?" Zhang Jike said last night: "thank you all the way to accompany, I witnessed the nearly ten years of table tennis every step of the way, but also very happy to see more and more fans to join this big family, we hope that the future can still continue and don’t forget the heart, see more wonderful." There are fans with said: "young love you love you invincible, wild and intractable, love you with glory. The only way I wish you peace and joy, no pain, do what you love. It is our pleasure to meet you in your most glorious moment." There are fans, said: specially selected fans will be 300 thousand fans when the hair, my little brother how you are so warm, it is also a fan of confession, the future of the road also want to accompany you to go on." But not long after, "class teacher" came. Liu Guoliang today at 0:16 in the morning forwarded this micro-blog Zhang Jike, and said: "I write you forget a long time in Moscow in 2010 the first newspaper group in Rotterdam in 2011, the first time to play singles…… Now is 2016, you this mathematics and who learn too four homes into the five, right? Are you the first Chinese table tennis team to put forward the prospect of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games?" Before the 2010 World Championships in Moscow, Zhang Jike just Guoping sparring, Liu Guoliang at the world championships men’s team final boldly Zhang Jike, gave him a glorious opportunity. Liu Guoliang said so, it must be ridicule Zhang Jike. Some netizens said: "so many years, don’t you know his language learning tyrants, mathematics study slag?" Senior fans Zhang Jike said: "in 2000 to enter the Luneng, 02 years into the national team in two, 06 years to return to the national team, and the youth world championship tournament, the national championships, Koko ten years is really very hard." More fans said: "perhaps because he returned to the national team 10 years ago. Choose October 23rd Bo, certainly after careful consideration, today’s day must be very special to him." Liu Guoliang is hoping that Zhang Jike intended to continue in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, after he had sent micro-blog expresses, after a period of time will let Zhang Jike into strict training mode.