91The circle mate huireqi declined to admit childhood devil training full leg bruises|The circle mate huireqi declined to admit childhood devil training full leg bruises3

Within the circle of mate? Hui Ruoqi declined to admit childhood devil training full leg bruising Hui Ruoqi in the program in Beijing on November 9th news, Hui Ruoqi recently a guest of a program, not only to bring the Home Furnishing space for help designer for the family to build powerful functionality but also comfortable living room, and the audience friends talked about the Olympic champion hidden behind the effort and persistence. In addition, Hui Ruoqi also revealed his spouse in the program standards. Guest of this program, Hui Ruoqi not only brought about the transformation of demand, more talk about the unknown and difficult behind the Olympic champion. In women’s volleyball training squad from the age of 16, to win the Olympic Games in Rio, the 90 girls with their own efforts to become the hearts of many people’s idol, however, from the dream of not asking for the moon, behind every success is sweat. The scene, about my training course, Hui Ruoqi exposes the injured is homely food, also admitted that he had multiple injuries on the body, in order to play "had three surgeries". Abnormal hard let the host can not help feeling. Hui Ruoqi, the spirit of hard work unremittingly touching, hard work is more painful. In order to bring surprise to Hui Ruoqi, in the group’s intimate arrangements, especially for the preparation of a video from the mother of Hui Ruoqi. In the video, Hui Ruoqi’s mother daughter mentioned rare appearance, pain, tears of mother very distressed, "(shoulder injury) she chose surgery in March 6th, although I didn’t say it directly, but March 4th is her birthday, I also wanted to finish operation this birthday, love more than is really like for her daughter," now it seems that this really makes me admire pay. Yangyang (Hui Ruoqi), you have worked hard, you have brought honor to our family, thank you". Perhaps for the first time to see his mother so solemn expression of friendship, so calm Hui Ruoqi also could not help choking. In addition, in the program, Hui Ruoqi also talked about their own standards. Hui Ruoqi said: height and I want it, not necessarily higher than me, but not too big gap." Then, a guest asked Hui Ruoqi will find his partner from the athlete? "Without this idea, we are all too familiar with it." Hui Ruoqi shows a sense of humor. In the usual training, the defense is a basic technology of volleyball, as the main attack, Hui Ruoqi need to take more defensive responsibility. In the memory of the childhood experience of practicing defense, Hui Ruoqi revealed such a small story. "At that time in the national team, we will sit in a corner, and the coach stood on the opposite side of the pedestal downward spike, you can not hide, can only bite the bullet and pick. Have time to go abroad the day before the game, his practice of defense after the full leg bruises. The second day of competition, the foreign coach asked me, then my English is also not very good, only to the other coach gestures." Recalled his childhood devil training, Hui Ruoqi is still a lingering fear. Over the years, Hui Ruoqi perennial in the national team, where the team training and competition. Not a few days a year to return home to live. For the love of family, huireqi hope to do something for the home. Transform space to the show site