91Oh! This Hot pot shop incredibly public Sohu and gambling|Oh! This Hot pot shop incredibly public Sohu and gambling7

Oh! This Hot pot shop incredibly public gambling – Sohu and winter Sambo, bed, warm baby, Hot pot, rinse Hot pot is undoubtedly everyone in the winter meal choice, frost just passed, although the weather is not cold, but the Hot pot shop but bustling, lively unabated. If the rinse end Hot pot can play gaming, sound is not very interesting? Located opposite the Minnan theater JFC pinshang center A hall four floor Dolar is the first theme of the betting small Hot pot restaurant, placed in front of a Macao feel the tables, you can play on a few here, quite enjoyable! The shop is decorated with white tone, revealing a hint of luxury simplicity, with four seat majority, a door is buffet sauce, very rich species, as many as 20, fruit quality is good. The bottom of the pot is a lot of choice, a Sichuan spicy tomato pot, pot, pot barbecue and other ten kinds, there is one for you, one pot, convenient health. The porcelain store is close to the very retro, prevent diners scald. Of course, Hot pot boiled meat, lamb row roll, Australia snowflake beef texture clear, fresh meat, quality is quite good, the wobble is also very beautiful. The essential pill class is a pill Hot pot rinse, combination: cuttlefish, tender fish, shrimp balls, beef balls, beef balls, heart fish balls, a variety of flavors and taste, especially love his family’s hand hit beef balls, Q elastic chewy, full of vigour. [slide] [tender] fish shrimp [] [blood] [cheese rice cake] [] [vegetable bean noodles] TIPS: Name: Dolar shop: Siming Island Road No. 1701 JFC pinshang center A hall four floor A-L4-09 Tel: 0592- 8239888