91J Alan is physically fit to fight for 90 minutes to end the fight (video)|J Alan is physically fit to fight for 90 minutes to end the fight (video)5

Adams handsome: J Ma Alan body without problems for 90 minutes to end the fighting [] planning Guangzhou derby with the warmth of the return: killing time in Guangzhou in September 20th (the sports Tencent Zeng Xiao) Guangzhou Derby four steps will be announced tomorrow. The first round bodied take two away goals from the Milky way, this makes Scolari very cautious, "the two teams are very strong in the race tomorrow, tomorrow will be well-matched in strength game, no one can easily cut. R & F in Tianhe has two away goals, such a score must satisfy them." For the second leg must win in order to qualify for the situation, the veteran captain Zheng Zhi said: "the Guangzhou Derby road home court does not exist, we want to advance to win tomorrow. Opponents have the advantage, but the game is not over, we have the opportunity to pull back the disadvantage. The players do not have the pressure for so many years, we in the AFC Champions League and super Hengda have experienced many important games, our attitude is very smooth, we have the determination and confidence to." He and Zheng Zhi attended the pre match press conference not only in the score at a disadvantage, Guangzhou Hengda is less than decimating two days of rest, Captain Zheng Zhi said Hengda can be used to prepare the game little time, "super Sunday after the game, we have to prepare for this game, but not too much yesterday is time, recovery training, today is before the training course, the rest of the time is short." As Zheng Zhi said, Guangzhou Hengda received much tough baptism, this is what the wind and rain. Scolari said: Super League arrangements on this day, I do not have any comments, since there is such an arrangement, we have to do this preparation." Zheng Zhize said: "tomorrow will be very difficult, but this does not affect our determination to win and desire, we hope that once again reached the FA Cup final." Give Scolari confidence, team morale, "I am very satisfied with the team’s recent situation, the body and mind are very good, J Ma and Alan’s body is no problem, only Huang Bowen and a little hurt. I have confidence in my players." Therefore, Scolari hopes to be able to resolve the fighting within 90 minutes tomorrow. "Winning is the most important, the most hope within 90 minutes can fix, but if the overtime or penalty win of course is a good thing." Liu Dian seat even with in Fuli played, Scolari still want a quick fix, "before Liu Dianzuo played in the R & F, style and habits are familiar with these players in the penalty shootout, shot, have the advantage to us. But our goal is to finish in 90 minutes."