916 crowns! Hengda Luneng pursues 8 crown left Shide became the first miracle Zheng Zhi (video)|6 crowns! Hengda Luneng pursues 8 crown left Shide became the first miracle Zheng Zhi (video)6

6 crowns! After the rejection of Hengda Luneng pursues Shide 8 crown miracle Zheng Zhi became the first [] report 1-1 Yanbian crowned the 6 consecutive Paulinho broken stiff ball sports Tencent in October 23rd at home court against Yanbian, ahead of the 2 round of hegemony over Hengda won the team history sixth consecutive league title. Rose in the 6 season, Hengda swept all the league, with the crazy money, not only let Hengda Luneng, Shenhua Guoan, these traditional giants "envy", also let the bright younger generation Suning, China unable to catch up. 6 league titles, the number of trophies have disappeared after Hengda Shide, the future will continue to pursue the creation of Shide 8 crown signs, since rose behind Luneng Hengda Super League Championship has remained in the 4 seat. And with the Hengda won 6 consecutive championships, Captain Zheng Zhi is tied to the number of the 8 top league of the Shide legend Li Ming, Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Linpeng, the number of League Huang Bowen, also added a. 6 consecutive! Hengda captain Zheng Zhi broke his own record in Hengda before the advent of Wanda Shide and created a 3 consecutive the miracle, Wang Jianlin Wanda in the 3 1996-1998 season A game sweep powers, created since the occupation of the first 3 consecutive team. Although later renamed Dalian Shide, but after Shide inherited Wanda resources 2000-2002 the 3 season once again replicate the miracle. But compared to the brilliant and Hengda Wanda Shide more dazzling, the 2011 season, Hengda promoted the identity of the championship, created a super "Kaiserslautern myth", prior to the 1999 season, Liao Xiaohu from the "Kaiserslautern myth" only one step away, but this reputation was eventually Hengda in the bag. The 2012 season, ahead of the 1 round of the 2013 season ahead of the 3 round of coronation, (4) copy of the coronation, Hengda Wanda and brilliant shide. Although the 2014 season, Hengda will be national security until the last round of the title race, but narrowly defending success, Hengda become the first team since the occupation of 4 consecutive years won the Premier League Championship team. The 2015 season, although the experience of coaching (Cannavaro Scolari) labor pains, but Hengda or counterattack won the Super League champions 5 times, also broke his own record. This season, Hengda again behind the team despair, sixth consecutive times won the Super League champions tripod, once again broke the record, the new record name or name hengda. After Shide crown 8 miracle, in addition to a kuangshuai Luneng 3 consecutive year in 1994, Wanda A won the championship, in addition to a same Shide 3 consecutive championships, also in the 2005 season crowned. Dalian Wanda (Shide) era won a total of 8 top League trophy, which has become the object of the latecomers beyond, Luneng failed to do so, and Hengda is now close to the dream. After 6 consecutive years, Hengda distance (Wanda Shide) signs are just 2 times champion of the distance. But from the start of the 2014 season, every time before the start of the season, the outside world that Hengda challenges are extremely serious, we can’t deny that there indeed experienced hardships, but Hengda always misses. Regardless of its)