91-37 shooting difficult to break the magic of the United States by Manchester United 0-0 four round o|-37 shooting difficult to break the magic of the United States by Manchester United 0-0 four round o0

The premier -37 shoot hard break by Mourinho Manchester United 0-0 four victorious – Sohu (Sohu sports sports exclusive product without permission is forbidden) October 29th Beijing time 22, 2016-17 season England Super League tenth round competition. In the Old Trafford home court Manchester United in the siege of the potential formation advantage situation 0-0 was promoted with Burnley team, the last 4 League winless, 3 consecutive rounds without a goal. The whole game Manchester repeatedly to create scoring opportunities, but for the other battlefield of the former United players often make fantastic saves Heaton, Mata and Ibrahimovic also have a shot dangchu post. The referee carat Teng Berg Mourinho first half penalty stands, the second half of Herrera will be ejected. The whole game, up to 37 times the number of shots from Manchester, corner also up to 19, but a hard ball. Nearly 8 race only 1 negative Reds in the Premier League, but poor performance, nearly 6 rounds only 1 wins, especially the great problems of offense, the last 3 rounds only scored 1 goals. Burnley team recently away record is poor, the Premier League 3 straight away, and every game opponents poured into the three ball, while they are in the Premier League last two guests dream theater as single game is lost the ball three. The campaign, Rooney and Carrick, at the opening of Ashley young sitting on the bench, Damian was first issued at right back, because of Valencia’s fractured arm plans to do surgery in today, Ibrahimovic is still as a single arrow, Mata arm wearing long sleeved team marked the war. The first half of the opening Manchester United has a threat, after Damian ball, the ball was placed before lingard, Mata pass the ball, Ibrahimovic ball after unloading a buckle area arc before the shot angle is too much, the ball was clinging to heaton. Third minutes, bogeba pick Mata pass the edge of the area shot was deflected out of the bottom line. Blinder to the right corner of the opening, bogeba forward but not able to control the ball pool under. Fifth minutes, Manchester United play team with Rush Forde and Ibrahimovic on the left wall, rush straight ball, Ibrahimovic received after Mata to knock, the left side of the penalty area adjust the shooting ball has been confiscated heaton. Eighth minutes, bogeba pick Mata inserted for before the ball was Michael Kean out of the top edge of the area, Yibude ball left foot volley hit fly. The first 15 minutes, Manchester United and Burnley ball than for the gap of 81% to 19%. Sixteenth minutes, Affeldt Wang left out, Gray Rojo was shot before the restricted area arc direct closure. Then, Matta left rib straight plug, plug directly blocking Ibrahimovic Heaton shot was the decisive attack of homeopathy. Twenty-third minutes, Waxman outside the long-range kick directly missed the bottom line. Then, Mata and Ibrahimovic playing well with Burnley team defense after wearing Mata on the left side of the penalty area 10 meters left foot volley, the ball was on the side of Heaton seal the bottom line. Thirtieth minutes, Matta left rib angle of 45 degrees in the – meter blocking touches the ball bounce, Ibrahimovic Ward is marking the case barely header, the ball was easily confiscated heaton. Thirty-second minutes straight, lingard directly to the opponent, Herrera tackles Manny action is too dangerous to be re issued a yellow card. Burnley right corner)