90Half – heifengshuangsha make insurance moreiro Qiao in the column 0-0 – Sports Sohu Yatai Liaozu|Half – heifengshuangsha make insurance moreiro Qiao in the column 0-0 – Sports Sohu Yatai Liaozu4

Half – heifengshuangsha make insurance moreiro Qiao in the column 0-0 – Sports Sohu Liaozu Yatai Beijing time on October 23rd afternoon, the 2016 season of Super League twenty-eighth round will continue, Changchun Yatai away Liaoning hongyun. Both sides have a chance in the first half, but did not score, temporarily 0-0 flat. Liaozu 3 left in the League leading second to last Yatai 6 points, plus the first time this season to win, the home court sits as long as it is not lost to the match, the team can avoid relegation and declared a complete success; for Yatai, left the League 3 case from Greentown has 3 points, only to win keep stay in super hope, once lost is likely to advance to downgrade. Liaozu and Yatai played 19 times in the history, Liaozu 5 wins 6 flat 8 negative at a disadvantage, but 9 times in the home court, in the face of Thailand has been 4 Liaozu 3 wins and only 2 losses record this season, the first round hand, Liaozu’s 2-0 win the yatai. Yatai team to occupy the field active, sixth minutes after the start of the race? Where a long pass, Morero front header, but offside. 1 minutes later, Morero took the ball to the left front, left Yatai penetrated into the restricted area before the chaos, Morero turned and fell to the ground, but the referee ignored. Twelfth minutes, Yatai goalkeeper Bigfoot attack, not far distant back Asani rescue, the ball to the moreiro front, Morero frontier closed area shooting post volley sweep. Nineteenth minutes, a wild road header into the box, Jiang Zhe back to keeper mistakes, James formed single opportunity mianduikongmen foot pad shot high over the crossbar. Twentieth minutes, Bruno took the ball into the box to the Morero, Morero right rib plug, do not adjust the direct shot by Shi Xiaotian saved. Twenty-fourth minutes, Liu Shangkun left to find James, James break the cross knock to the middle, Ujae out of defense Shepian after a push, Liaozu missed scoring opportunities. Thirty-sixth minutes, James shot was forced out izmailov. Thirty-seventh minutes, Kim Yasunobu rib after stopping a penalty, near Ujae hook shot out slightly. Fortieth minutes, Zhang Xiaofei tripped by James to eat a yellow card. The first half of the two sides temporarily 0-0 flat. Liaoning Hongyun: 28- Shi Xiaotian; first 11- Zheng Tao, 5- Yang Shanping, 21- 31-, Asani Liu Shangkun; 6- Yang Yu, 13- Vidosic, 8- 20-, Zhang Ye Jin Taiyan; 12- James, 37- Ujae bench: 24- Zhang Zhenqiang, 3- Wu Gaojun, 9- 14- Wang Hao, 17- Wang Liang, Zhao Junzhe, Ni Yusong, 27- Hu Yanqiang 18- Changchun Yatai starting: 13-? 16- Jiang Zhe, who; 30- Yang Boyu, 5- Yin Yaji, 23- 12-, izmailov Zhang Xiaofei; Bruno 37-, 4- Mati, 32- Li Guang and 17- Fan Xiaodong; 10- moreiro bench: 1- Wu Yake, 7- de 15-, Han Ming Sun Jie, 20- Du Zhenyu, 21- He Chao, 35-, Orr Txiki 36- Pei Shuai (and radium)