90A review of Naples 2-1 Udinese Chievo 6 round victory (video)|A review of Naples 2-1 Udinese Chievo 6 round victory (video)1

A review of Naples 2-1 Udinese Chievo 6 round victory [collection] Naples 1-1 Hamm Sieck Ping Jing day world wave Savior Naples 3 points Tencent November 20th sports news Beijing standard time on November 20th morning, 2016-17 serie a season thirteenth round match to end two. Naples beat Udine J 2 to 1. Chievo 1 to 0 victory over Cagliari, has nearly 6 round victory. Udine J 1-2 of Naples Naples next week in the Champions League, the challenge and the road recently unbeaten 4 Udine J, the embattled Naples. Fifth minutes, Vader Merle biography, Badu header wide of the left post outside. Thirteenth minutes, fofanah pass, Zapata header was blocked a goalkeeper. Eighteenth minutes, Zapata restricted road again saved by goalkeeper. Thirty-fourth minutes, Hamm Sieck sent pass, Mertens shot wide of the left post outside. The forty-seventh minute of the match, Callejon’s Cross tear opponents defense, Yin xinie the ball into the upper left corner of the goal, Naples 1 to 0 lead Udine J. Forty-eighth minutes, Callejon pass, Yin xinie shot was goalkeeper under. Fifty-sixth minutes, Yin xinie nodded the crossbar. The fifty-seventh minute of the match, Yin xinie road closed area of the door hit the lower right corner, Naples 2 than 0 extended the lead. Just two minutes later, Coombs pass in the corner, pairikas small area Qiangdian header hit the upper left corner, Udine J leveled the score 1 than 2. Sixtieth minutes, Diawara shot wide of the right post outside. Seventy-eighth minutes, Alan pass, Mertens shot was saved by the goalkeeper. Ninety-second minutes, Felipe pass, Wagoue shot wide of the right post outside. In the end, Naples beat Udine J 2 to 1. Udine J (4-3-3): No. 1, No. 27, No. 2, Kane Keith Widmer, Wagoue Danilo, Felipe No. 5 No. 30 No. 6 and No. 26 Combs fofanah (75 minutes, 14 Janko), Baddou Leder (No. 8, No. 19 53 minutes, No. 18, No. 9 (Zapata Perica) 81 minutes, No. 10 Debao Romania), No. 77, Trevor Ukraine Naples (4-3-3): No. 25, No. 2, Zaire Reina sea No. 21, No. 26, Qi Riches curry, Ghulam Barre No. 31 No. 5 and No. 42 Alan Diawara, 17 Hamm Sieck (72 minutes, 20 Zi Jerzy Linsky) No. 7, No. 14, theuns kaliehong Mel (88 minutes Al Kadouri, No. 77, No. 24), Yin xinie (79 minutes, 4 Jarka Rini) 1-0 Cagliari recently 5 round Chievo Verona 2 flat 3 negative have not won the 4 round, Cagliari recently lost 3 games, two teams are hoping to grab a rebound 3 opponent Branch. Second minutes, Gobi pass, Pellisier header top side. Thirteenth minutes, Di Gennaro free kick pass, Gian Nettie’s header higher than the crossbar. Two minutes later, de Guzman free kick pass, the top of the header of the high Gamberin. Thirtieth minutes, Izco pass, Meggiorini shot from goalkeeper. Thirty-fourth minutes, Cacciato Ray header ferry, Pellisier small box header top slightly)