8U.S. media the United States must contain China and Russia and other rival cut military spend|U.S. media the United States must contain China and Russia and other rival cut military spend

U.S. media: the United States must contain China and Russia and other rival   cut military spending is unrealistic – Military – People’s network in Davos world economic forum recently released the world’s military rankings, the United States military ranking first. As U.S. President Barack Obama is about to be submitted to the military budget in 2017, whether the U.S. military should be cut into the United States once again become a hot topic of discussion. The United States, "national interest" magazine website 25 big military defense, and one by one to refute the 5 reasons to cut the U.S. defense budget". The United States defense spending more than the sum of the 7 countries in the following. That’s true, but it’s no use. The United States spent more money on medical care than the sum of the 9 countries that followed. More important is the trend of defense spending. 2011, the United States defense spending is the sum of the 13 countries. Compared with other countries, the United States put on national security is decreased. Defense spending has been growing fast in recent years. U.S. defense spending has been growing since the "9? 11" terrorist attacks, but the pace is not as good as the rest of the country. From 2001 to 2015, the United States government spending in the field of social and economic growth rate much faster than the growth rate of defense spending. The Pentagon spending accounts currently account for only 15% of the total federal government spending, or even below the level of 11 to 9 before. Defense spending as a percentage of GDP fell from 4.7% in 2010 to 3.3% in 2015. National debt is the biggest security threat. The debt problem is indeed a serious problem, but it is not a national security threat, it does not mean that the need to further reduce defense spending. Bonds will not launch nuclear weapons or to launch suicide attacks, "Islamic country ‘, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea to bring real fatal threat, cuts in defense spending impossible will better control of these threats. In addition, it is not possible to solve the debt problem only by cutting security costs. The number of American fighters is more than the sum of the other countries. Indeed, but judging by the size of an army should be based on security needs, and not just look at the number of. As a world power with global interests, the United States is set to be able to fight two wars at the same time. Today, the U.S. military has more than 11 to 9 since the scale of any time to be small. The United States Navy has cut 14%, leaving only 272 vessels, is the smallest since 1916. The number of air force than the "9 11" when less than 12%, the number of fighters reduced by 26%. The main adversary of the United States is the terrorists, not the other countries. The United States must strike at the same time the terrorists and potential rivals such as Russia and China. In addition, North Korea continues to expand its nuclear weapons program, while Iran is pushing for a ballistic missile program. The United States needs to deter these countries, and to provide support for the fight against terrorism. (Yi Wen)