8Tianjin Airlines won the world press photo explosion Jose Award (Figure)|Tianjin Airlines won the world press photo explosion Jose Award (Figure)

Tianjin Airlines explosion pictures "Jose" World Press Photo Award wins (Figure), the original title: according to the Beijing News reporter Tianjin explosion aerial won the "Jose" award in the Netherlands local time, February 18 at 11:30 p.m. (Beijing time yesterday evening 6 point 30 points), the 59th World Press Photo Contest Results in Amsterdam issued. The Beijing News chief correspondent Chen Jie works "Tianjin aerial bomb" (right) won the third-prize general news singles. Chen Jie, who was informed of the winning news, was in Anhui’s rural interview, saying: "as a journalist, he is very happy." This is the second time for the Beijing News reporter "Jose" award. In 2007, the Beijing News reporter Zhang Tao works "blind" dance team won the third-prize art single. This winning picture from 128 different countries, 5775 photographers submitted 82951 works selected. The annual photo was Australian photographer Valen Richardson works "won the" hope of new life. He recorded the moment in the Hungarian Serbia border that the baby had passed from the wire to the baby. Another China photographer this award is Zhang Lei, his works "China" haze won the first prize for contemporary hot singles. The Beijing News reporter Tzu Cheng Wang Liujing exergy dialogue, Jie "the photographer should embrace the new technology," the Beijing News: you are in Tianjin explosion accident happened three days arrived at the scene, I believe you prior to arrival has access to a large number of related images and information that you something first conceive arrived at the scene after the how to shoot? Chen Jie: to the scene before seen a lot of reporters in front of the ground photos, I was considered to be able to have a picture can be highly summarized the damage of the accident. In fact, this picture I took two times. Shoot for the first time in the morning, the gunsmoke scene has not dissipated, fog, visibility is not very good, but for the first time I have found good point shooting, when the weather is better in the afternoon, I will once again be aerial machine to fly to that point shooting, took this photo. The Beijing News: you are now interviewing almost always used aerial machine, but people feel aerial camera shooting pictures with human emotions, how do you see? Chen Jie: I don’t agree with that. Whether it is to do photography, or the other, we have to do is to transfer. There are many kinds of means of information transmission, such as mobile phone, camera, aerial machine. As long as it can pass through some effective information from different perspectives, so that people can see this thing from a multi angle, I think you can, do not care about what is used to shoot. And, I think the photographer should use all means to retain the image, in a better form to pass out. Don’t reject the new technology, we must embrace it. Beijing News: what is the goal of the future? Chen Jie: my goal for the future is not imagine as it has done in the past ten days, eight days to complete a fast-food style reports, I would like to further a field, over a long period of time to pay attention to, a few months, even a year, and continue to do this thing. And not only to use the image to express, the image is just one of my means. To understand the story behind the image, using the story to support the image, with a story to the fullness of the image. Six