8The United States presidential election kicked off the first accident – Sohu news in question|The United States presidential election kicked off the first accident – Sohu news in question

The election in question opened Zhanmu opener the accident – Sohu News [Global Times comprehensive report] waiting for a long time, the U. S. presidential election primaries in local time on February 1 in Iowa officially kicks off. Republicans will battle surprising, poll ratings highest "big mouth" trump unexpectedly lost to Texas Senator Cruz. The Democratic Party, former Secretary of state Hilary and Vermont Senator Saunders a stalemate situation, the former to win. Previously, Trump’s soaring popularity has been the Republican a piece of heart disease, the outspoken real estate tycoon almost become the laughing stock of the International Republican because of fear of losing votes of their helplessness. However, Cruz and won’t let the Republicans worry, although unlike trump so special, Cruz also controversial, he is the flag bearer of the Republican Party’s most conservative Tea Party movement, in the party have "strange bird," said. Gentle, traditional political figures stand aside, radical, populist "big mouth" "strange bird" host, let the election is lively and confusion. In the analysts view, this reflects both the deepening of the political division of the United States, more people are dissatisfied with the status quo. "Violation of the common sense of odd into the normal", the "Boston Globe", said "the 2016 presidential election in the United States into the circus, so that the audience can not bear to leave". [global times in the United States, Germany, Singapore mission freelance reporter Zhang Penghui Zhen Xiang Wei Hui Xin Bin Aoki]