8The threat of girls fail the exam , teachers can not stop! – View – People’s network|The threat of girls fail the exam , teachers can not stop! – View – People’s network

The "threat" of girls fail the exam "," teachers can not stop! – View – People’s network on January 11, a netizen said Kunming City health school teacher Hu Moumou the events of the girl students in the threat hanging branches, the chat content vulgar, the school on the same day response and the teacher is said to be hacking. 12, the school issued a statement saying: the joint investigation by the public security and the school, has been identified as the 15 class of 6 classes of drugs class teacher Hu Moumou, the school has decided to fire its public. (January 12 people’s network) Kunming City health school teachers to hanging branches to blackmail female students "opportunistic" event after exposure, the school is not silent, but timely response, this is worthy of recognition. But the school for some obvious evidence of identity, such as micro channel in a voice message to turn a blind eye, after an investigation is hastily released the teacher QQ and micro channel was a "washed" stolen information, which is obviously very wrong. Not only can not remain silent, but because of the "hoax" has become a target for all, to fall into a passive position. And in truth, the school is to follow general procedure, will the teacher expelled trouble, hope that through this "remedial" move as soon as possible to appease public opinion. But in my opinion, dismissed this "the beast" and not for events draw satisfactory full stop, schools should for the oversight and default to the public a proper explanation. Such "beast division" into the teacher team, the first reflection of the school in the teacher’s professional investigation and the lack of supervision in peacetime. Such a heart dirty and immoral people lurking in the teachers, the daily work and life will certainly revealed some clues, and the school has no check, let the guilty of misconduct, the sincerity of the acts unbridled, available drilling. Schools should take the corresponding responsibility for the matter, not only to apologize to the victims and their families, will further improve the teachers access threshold, the ethical investigation as evaluation index of heavy weight, for both political integrity and professional competence of teachers into teachers, the deadline to avoid "the beast" harm the motherland flowers. Beast Division has been dismissed, the follow-up is also the focus of attention of the masses of the masses. He was expelled from the school, will he be another school offer to continue his career as a teacher? A lot of people have this doubt. Needle in this regard, the author believes that relevant education departments should establish a "teacher’s black list", let the "list" teachers according to the bad behavior grading accept the inspection and supervision of the Department of education, to ensure that it is no longer "relapse". And those who are particularly bad, challenging the bottom line of public morality and even touch the law of the red line of teachers are always expelled from the team, never hired. Only in this way can we to teacher formation effective deterrent, so that they really have to fear, so as to enhance the teachers the moral level of the whole. In addition, to further improve the relevant laws and regulations, in the law to further investigate the responsibility of the teacher. He let the student’s insults and threats to pay the corresponding price, the real taste of the bitter fruit of bad behavior. Legal intervention, believe that will allow the event to solve more standardized, the impact will be expanded in the form of society.