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Qingming Eve said "haisa" – Society – people Qingming Eve, Beijing 2016 ashes scattered sea tomb memorial ceremony held. On behalf of Beijing City Memorial to ashes at sea a monument to the basket, Christine read the memorial oration. Ceremony, 2016 only peace dove fly together, families to the scattering of cremated ashes of the deceased relatives laid flowers, in honor of the calendar year to choose scattering of cremated ashes of the dead. Haisa how? Choose haisa what are the reasons? People view on haisa and what has changed? In this regard, the day before, this newspaper exclusive access to the Beijing City funeral service center. The collective haisa held dozens of Beijing began to carry out ashes at sea from May 1994. Now, 22 years later, a total of 13775 dead, buried in the deep quiet sea. Song Zhaofang, who served 22 years ago for the first time in the spread of the sea, is still the only person in the Beijing funeral service center. She says early haisa is not much choice, basic a year once or twice collective haisa activities can meet the demand, not even a specialized agency responsible for organizing haisa until 2006 to the funeral service center of Beijing specifically in charge of the ashes sprinkled with sea. Now, the collective haisa a year to hold dozens of times. With the public concept of ecological burial is more accepted, haisa demand is also growing. "Haisa amount in Beijing city of 2012 1000, 2015 2024, and the mass." Wang, director of the Beijing Municipal funeral service said haisa is different from other forms of funeral and interment, ashes will disappear completely, many people start to accept more difficult. Early, the selection of haisa groups mostly poor economic conditions, but also some to make this choice because it is separated from the family intergenerational farther; now, select the burial at sea of people more is the concept of environmental protection advanced, pay attention to ecological and environmental protection are, is associated with this, family members on the SA sea ceremony pay more and more attention. "Overall, the citizens are now more likely to take the initiative to choose haisa, therefore, it is not hard to see, green, ecological, and section of the new funeral view has been accepted by more and more people." Wang Dedong said. Haisa process with the national standard "haisa", as the name suggests is the ashes cast into the sea. In the interview, we learned, haisa activities organization in Beijing, and more than this, Beijing funeral service center for process were carefully designed, and strive to solemn, "grief". Generally speaking, Beijing every year in March and April, open when the annual haisa activities, intermediate except for the hot August, will continue to November, weekly haisa twice. From the beginning of 2009, under the support of the government, citizens of Beijing realized full free haisa, especially since the 2013 ashes scattered sea service standard construction since, and summarize the form 1042 service mode (i.e. "ten free, convenient, two Memorial"). Ten of them free items, including: environmental protection paper urn and ashes, travel by boat and day trips insurance, flowers, ashes scattering of cremated farewell ceremony, peace dove flying, the ashes scattered sea notary, "