8Old youth memories the exam is related to the ability to return to the city only half of the time|Old youth memories the exam is related to the ability to return to the city only half of the time

Old educated youth memories: is related to the ability to return to the city of examination only half of the time to prepare core tip: Hi, finally a chance of a town; worry is that half a day and a night review can??? Turn to think, no matter what, there is a chance that there is no chance, I fight! & nbsp; the educated youth to participate in college entrance examination information graph article is excerpted from: Maple network. Author: anonymous, the original title: "memories of youth back city history a rare opportunity" educated youth memories back to the city, a rare "opportunity". Winter to spring, that time is neither fast nor slow past. Twinkling of an eye to the ad in 1976, this is I in the sixth year of education, I went to settled down in the countryside and in the seventh year. Every day, eating mush do breakfast, I along the path in front of the educated youth (in fact, the ridge), hurriedly rushed to the school to go to work. The school is not far from my place, at home will be able to see a row of grey buildings and a straight flagpole. To the school, I as usual, the first clean the office, only sunny hanging flag (rainy day without the flag rises, children don’t come to school), and then sit in the office looking at the lesson plans, a class. Our school is not large, one to four grade four classes, the middle is the teacher’s office. In front of our school there is a little of, but fairly flat playground, playground at each end of the upright are made of Acacia trees with only a basketball frame, free time, I and my students, colleagues and playing basketball. In addition, the southwest side of the school there is a small, belonging to the school’s small farms, the production team members to help manage, but the harvest is owned by the school. At the weekend, our school teacher from time to time will be together to the president’s home for dinner, entertainment. The playground of the school, in addition to the activities of students outside, or the brigade theatrical performances and community screenings of the film show a good place. At this time, the playground is so dense, full of people. A lot of people will be busy for me the care teacher, borrow my office chairs, stools, hinder at face, I will meet them, but people borrow much, for fear of the interests of the school, I will feel embarrassed, took the opportunity to secretly slipped to the side, no longer ignore them. Apart from teaching, I was one of the backbone brigade art propaganda team, in charge of the propaganda team director, flute accompaniment. At that time, the lack of cultural and recreational life in rural areas, but only the group of cultural propaganda team, the masses can give a hint of relaxation and entertainment. The show is nothing more than dance, solo, revolutionary model operas and local huaiju. Remember I wrote a song for the propaganda team, the song of the harvest, I remember the words, "the east wind blows (ER) ah! The harvest is busy! A piece of white cotton…… , pick it! Pick the pick ah! Piles of cotton like hills." In short, I am in the literature and art propaganda team days, every day is not to sing or dance, all day carefree, feel very happy. Every Sunday, I still have to go back to the production team work, or is to lead the team’s children to work; or is the brush to write slogans. Brush to write slogans work is actually a very difficult thing, a person carrying a bucket of lime water, carrying a pair of bamboo ladders full team run."