8Not only the family annual income of 180 thousand to two children born to do the planning investment|Not only the family annual income of 180 thousand to two children born to do the planning investment

< p > always want to give birth to two treasure he ran a couple, 180000 yuan annual income, hope through reasonable financial planning, the second child’s birth of gold and two children’s education fund accumulate.

print reporter Wen Xi

separate two child policy release more than 1 years later, called for a comprehensive liberalization of the two child families more and more, he ran couple is one of the pair, has been trying to regenerate a two treasure. Recently, the State Planning Commission for the first time officially returned to the full liberalization of the two child policy, said that the current is to develop relevant provisions". He ran a couple want to born second child’s desire more urgent the, way home have two children can do to each other with, to form a child’s character, and secondly, after the older, two children can also share the responsibility.

, who was born in 1982, he has been married for 7 years and now has a 4 year old daughter. He ran in Yichun City, a company as a middle-level, monthly after tax income of 10000 yuan; his wife two years younger than he ran, in a manufacturing company as managers, work are more leisurely, after tax monthly income in 5000 yuan or so, two people have social insurance and housing fund.

< p > in family assets, the husband and wife two people total bank deposits 10 million yuan, 2 million yuan of fund investment accounts, annual investment 5000 yuan. A 100 thousand yuan car, a market value of 800 thousand yuan of small sanju. Through several early owing on the loan, the current mortgage has been basically completed. Expenditure, daughter in his wife units kindergarten school, can shuttle, monthly tuition fee of 800 yuan, a month, a family of three basic living expenses in 6000 yuan. In addition, the wife gave the child a dance and art classes, the annual expenditure of 000 yuan. He currently only 300 thousand yuan to buy a large dilapidated, annual premium expenditure 8000 yuan. The whole family will have a travel plan every year, the budget 10000 yuan. Both parents have their own pension, do not need their own pension.

< p > due to Mr. He and his wife are not the only child at home and had a daughter, if after the full liberalization of the two child policy, they both the husband and wife immediately to a child. However, if the policy has not allowed to give birth to two children, Mr. He said even if it was a penalty (local urban social support the lowest fees required to pay 80000 yuan, rural social compensation fee the minimum required to pay 20000 yuan), three years will consider to have a second child.

has two child plan, he also worried that the level of family life will be reduced, so I hope to be able to prepare for the birth of the financial management and reduce the burden on the growth of family members.

financial goals

1 in advance to prepare the two child birth.

Reasonable allocation of

2 family assets.

Deng Tuo

Shanghai Kai Shek Wealth Management Co., Ltd. financial planner.

< p > to Mr. He in financial planning, first of all to remind Mr. He, "not only two children, the policy is not open before the, two children born to violation of national policy, to pay fines; also >