8Man stealing money flying the crime was caught in Beijing|Man stealing money flying the crime was caught in Beijing

Man stealing the "money" by high altitude aircraft crime was caught – in Washington south of the Yangtze River Metropolis Daily reporter Zhang Na reported: April 13, Shanghai to fly to Nanchang FM9245 flight theft occur together, eventually the witnesses, report, the victim has the burden of proof under, the civil aviation River West Airport Public Security Bureau zero confession of suspect Luomou (52, Henan) shall be sentenced to a penalty of administrative detention for 15 days. It is understood, the report people on the flight witnessed the change sit beside the passenger Luo a from the luggage rack from the hand bag, and from inside the wallet take gold to go to the bathroom. He felt suspicious, then report to the crew. The plane is landing, the flight attendants asked the informant identified the site suspect and turning package. At this point, holding his bag ready to the victims of the machine to realize their own stolen. Police through the testimony of the witnesses, to restore the whole process, the suspect Luomou on the plane the victim of theft of more than 1100 yuan, in front of the stewardess organization to identify, feel the situation is different, so will plug the money back to the victim in the luggage rack on the handbag.