8Liaoning tiger Wang Yang Lok Ma, has been implicated with Wang Min it – Sohu news|Liaoning tiger Wang Yang Lok Ma, has been implicated with Wang Min it – Sohu news

Liaoning tiger Wang Yang Lok Ma, has been implicated with Wang Min it? – Sohu News two of the just concluded, Central Commission for Discipline Inspection bursts of two bombs, Zhejiang play a southeast tiger (details see today financial knowledge circle under article), Liaoning poured a Siberian tiger. According to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision Website, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Wang Yang alleged serious violation, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. Financial knowledge circle (micro channel ID:wepolitics) was informed, Wang Yang was born youth, stem from Anshan glass factory workers, rising step by step to vice ministerial level. His political career repeatedly work in leading the side, served as the Anshan Municipal Party committee secretary of the general office, deputy director of the office of Anshan City Government, municipal Party committee secretary long, also served as the Liaoning provincial Party committee deputy secretary general, provincial policy research office director. According to practice, the municipal government, the Secretary General of the municipal government services related to the leadership, and the Policy Research Office of the director is often play a leading role in the think tank. Coincidence is, before the opening of two, Liaoning former party secretary Wang Min sacked, anecdotal its part of the problem out in Liaoning on. Financial knowledge circle (micro channel ID:wepolitics) observed, after Wang from 2004 to 2013 as before and after ten years, the office of the official, in 2009, Wang Min, the arrival of secretary of provincial Party committee, 2010 from Fushun mayor Ren raised to Anshan served as acting mayor, mayor, 2012 and promoted for Fuxin municipal Party committee secretary and a year later was elected, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Liaoning Province. Three years in the triple jump, was promoted to vice ministerial level. And Liaoning Province People’s Congress in January 2013, the Liaoning provincial Party Secretary Wang Min and Wang Yang was elected at the same time as the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee leadership positions, Wang Min is director of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. However, according to Anshan and political contacts have revealed that Wang Yang is a week to go". He had about bribery hearsay, not too sure. But he didn’t hear what relationship with Wang Min, but anecdotal and Shanxi Ji tiger had sacked the implicated. Specific details have yet to be political circles (WeChat ID:wepolitics) to further clarify the verification. Wang Yang resume Wang Yang, male, was born in February 1957 in Heyang County, Shaanxi province. Current deputy director of Liaoning Provincial People’s congress. In August 1975 -1978 year in September in Dawa County of Liaoning province Yushu farm youth September 1978 glass factory workers in September 1979 September in Anshan -1979 -1983 in August August 1983 – January 1984, Liaoning University philosophy Professional Learning Institute teachers cadres in Anshan city in January 1984 -1985 October Anshan Municipal Department of comprehensive office director in October 1985 December 1986 – the Anshan Municipal Office of the Secretary of the office in December 1986 -1988 March Anshan municipal hall Secretary (deputy director) – director of the information office in March 1988 February 1990 – August 1993 February 1990 Anshan municipal government deputy secretary of Anshan City metallurgical industry bureau Party committee August 1993 – 1993 11)