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Let the sand friendly more colorful flowers – Politics – a Saudi people.com.cn reader on Chinese books. The newspaper reporter Huang Peizhao taken China and Saudi Arabia has a long history of friendly exchanges. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1990, the Sino Saudi relations achieved rapid development. Now, to build a "The Belt and Road" initiative to provide new opportunities for the development of bilateral ties. As the first stop of the President Xi Jinping, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, the whole nation visit to President Xi Jinping is full of expectations that it will for the friendly relationship between the sand development inject new momentum and energy. "The Belt and Road construction provide new opportunities to Saudi Arabia is China in West Asia and Africa’s largest trading partner, Chinese has also become the biggest country of destination in Saudi Arabia for more than 10 years of foreign direct investment. History of the silk road has promoted the Chinese and countries including Saudi Arabia friendly exchanges, build along the road today, China put forward the initiative to provide new opportunities for the development of bilateral ties. "I in 1993 with his wife to go on a pilgrimage, take the bus from Mount Arafat to Ma Jie pull to take in a few hours. Now we take the light rail train in less than 20 minutes to!" "Arabia news" senior editor Abdourahman after taking the Mecca light rail line, issued a heartfelt admiration. "Arab News" for the project specially published edition reports, bold headline is very eye-catching: "Saudi Arabia accelerated the pace of development, China Railway Construction Corporation’s golden opportunity" with to Saudi Arabia local students visit Mecca light rail and first year pilgrimage train running photos, with plenty of space to the construction of the China Railway construction corporation pay for Mecca light rail construction and operation of the efforts and achievements, to complete the China’s high corporate quality engineering appreciated, to changes in the project was brought to the Saudi society full of expectations. Mecca light rail length of 18.5 km, costing $1 billion 773 million, a total of 9 stations and a garage, one-way transportation capacity of 72 thousand passengers per hour. This is the first overseas Chinese enterprises in the design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of integration projects, has won the 2012 2013 annual international consulting engineers award and other awards. The first phase of the project construction of the railway construction project completed in November 2010, to 2014, 16 million passengers transported a total of Muslim pilgrimage. Over the past 16 months, China railway construction investment of more than 10 thousand people to carry out high standard construction, in September 2015 to achieve a comprehensive project completed, the project will be handed over to the Ministry of urban and rural. Saudi media that the project construction period is short, high quality construction, is expected to reduce the Mecca bus 12 thousand, greatly ease the road traffic pressure, reduce motor vehicle emissions. In addition, the project for the Saudi provides 3 million jobs, more than 2000 people of training for university students were provided, in the future will also provide training of management personnel, has brought tangible benefits to the local people. "Sand partnership growing is located near the western city of Yanbu, Saudi Petroleum Chemical Industrial Zone, Sinopec participation in the construction of Yanbu refinery project achieve daily production capacity of 40 million barrels. The project)