8Jinsha River (the Yangtze River Construction of fragrant flowers and fruits green corridor) – Politi|Jinsha River (the Yangtze River Construction of fragrant flowers and fruits green corridor) – Politi

Jinsha River of flower and fruit fragrance (Yangtze River to build "green corridor") – Politics – People’s network "Jiangliu this reversal and ran into the Central Plains Zhuang grand." This is the Jinsha River "wonders of the Yangtze River Bay in the first". Yangtze River from the "roof of the world," the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the Pentium, came among the Shangri La in Yunnan Abies holophylla Cun Bi and Lijiang shigu Town, suddenly came the a 100 degree sharp turn, turn to the northeast, forming a rare "V" shape Bay. From now on to the lower reaches of the Jinsha River, along the way through the 7 states in Yunnan City, more than and 40 counties. Today, the Jinsha River is the paradise of flowers, mince fragrance, walking along the river, in the different area can see Wei spectacular economic fruit forest. In accordance with the "ecological construction industry, industrial development and ecological" development ideas, the Yangtze River economic belt is becoming the first demonstration zone of ecological civilization construction in Yunnan. Insist on ecological priority, defensible castle to hold "Green King told me to job.living……" Humming, Jin Guisheng began the day Park Ranger Ranger work. The 59 year old Kim is a forest ranger in Yunnan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Chuxiong Dayao County Bristol Bay forest farm, more than 8 thousand acres of forest management and protection. At the beginning of March each year, entered the forest fire emergency period, Ranger is the old gold most busy day. Who can think of, now the forest model of old gold, 20 years ago is a woodcutter. Prior to the implementation of the natural forest protection project, the Bristol Bay, Santai, sweet scented osmanthus these mountain villages and towns mostly to timber harvesting as the main economic support, only Bristol Bay a forest each year to cutting nearly 3 million cubic meters of wood, the wood will be shipped by the Jinsha River to drift downstream. One to the harvest season, the Jinsha River is floating in the wood, heavy down, bad out of countless. The excessive consumption of forest resources has brought serious ecological impacts on the coastal areas of Jinsha River. "Almost no wood can be cut." Lao Jin said. At the time of the Jinsha River Valley, a lot of forest are faced with the danger of barren hills, due to the lack of enough forest to conserve soil and water, floods, landslides, mudslides and other natural disasters become the norm. The ecosystem restoration of Jinsha River basin is imminent. In 1998, natural forest resources protection project began to implement. In order to speed up the advancement of the Jinsha River Basin Ecological Management and repair, within the basin relates to the county (city) has implemented the Yangtze River Shelter forest, natural forest protection, restoration is forest and other key ecological engineering, forest area increased year by year, at the same time, its ecological function in the water and soil conservation, wind and sand, etc. are also increasingly reflected. As the key area of the construction of ecological civilization, the development of forestry in Jinsha River basin has played a leading role. To build the southwest ecological security barrier and the upper reaches of the Yangtze River ecological barrier, the whole of Yunnan’s forestry construction are in force. As of the end of 2015, Yunnan forest area has increased to 375 million mu, the forest coverage rate increased to 55.7%, from timber yield substantially reduced, forest classification business to forest area and the accumulation of double growth, now the results hard to come by. "Our generation has had enough of the ecological damage." After the implementation of the natural forest protection project, the old gold from logging workers into the Rangers, and work together to complete his switch roles and many traditional enterprises of forestry workers. "Me"